7de laan Spoilers for March 2015

Looks like some chickens are coming home to roost for some of the residents of 7de laan, Hillside during March 2015!

Altus, Paula and Eben
Eben asks Paula to go away with him to the Victoria Falls – and she’s unsure. Altus, has however had enough of Paula’s nonsense. He decides to take matters in his own hands and consults an attorney (Xander, who else) for legal advice.

Paula finds out who holds the purse strings in their crumbling relationship, and it isn’t her. Without Altus’ money, Paula is again financially in a bind.

Paula and Altus gets into a huge fight which ends up on the front page of the Hillside Times. Could these two get any more immature?

Paula is really coming off looking worst of all even though she was the wronged party initially. Attempting to date a day after she found out about Altus’ affair and now openly flirting with Eben even though she is still married.  And for not taking responsibility or even questioning her part in the breakdown of their marriage. Paula didn’t force Altus to cheat, but neither was she a good partner to him.

Ty, Gita and Antoinette

Ty is madly in love with Antoinette again and plans a getaway with her to Hermanus. Gita is suspicious of Ty and has him followed by a detective.

Ty and Antoinette try to take revenge on Gita. But Gita has plans of her own for the couple.

But who will get the last laugh? Looks like it’s Antoinette who just might have been playing both Gita and Ty. Did anyone see that coming?

Bernard and Danelle
With Danelle now dead, it’s back to work for Bernard. He gets a new colleague called Anna. She is employed at the Hillside Times as a replacement for the imprisoned Emma and works closely with him.

Good grief, when the people in 7de laan move on, they do it fast. First Lindile was barely cold in his grave before his friends forgot him, then Paula started dating before Altus even blinked and now Bernard? Hopefully this Anna person isn’t a love interest for Bernard …

As for the rest of the Hillsides
– The slipper production continues unabated. Oom Oubaas joins the team and Maria is again invoicing for everything and threatening to call her union because of her tea breaks. Just wake me up when this nonsense is over.

– Lynette had yet another secret which upsets Ryno. He investigates and decides to move Boggombaai. Oh please! Unfortunately this will be going on until the last day of the month.

-Sonja had problems coping with raising baby Wian and attending university classes. She makes a big decision in this regard.

– Dali moves into the girls flat. Maybe this will give rise to some fun. Though I doubt it. Kim, Pulane and now even Ntabi with Dali in tow really don’t need anymore encouragement to act like preschoolers.

– Neville takes Charmaine away to Cape Town to help her deal with the stress related to the hostage drama ordeal. Matrone is put in charge at Oppiekoffie.

-Vince tries hard to keep the Deli and his marriage on track.

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