7de laan Bernard Proposes Marriage to Danelle

Bernard had just a few hours to prepare an exceptional marriage proposal for Danelle. Since she resigned her job at Oppie Koffie and was on her way back to Wolmaranstad.

News of the impending proposal spread like wildfire through 7de laan, with Pulane being gossiper in chief.
And once they found out, everyone wanted to help Bernard make the moment memorable.

As a by the way Errol went after a story about a million rand heist that had taken place nearby. The suspects were on the run, with the police on their trail.

Aggie helped out with the most hideous ring! When a simple band would have been more appropriate for Danelle.


While the guys were getting ready, the ladies had to do all they could to keep Danelle in the vicinity but away from Oppie Koffie so they could decorate the coffee shop.

You would have thought they were all preparing for a wedding the way both Danelle and Bernard’s sets of friends dressed up in fancy-dress gear. They even had garlands of flowers, including a flower arch. None of which was Danelle at all.

Oom Oubaas nearly gave the game away when he asked Danelle if she’s the girl getting married. Matrone had to struggle to keep him quiet.

Eventually the moment arrived. Danelle arrived back at Oppie Koffie and was told to clean the table top right under the flower arch. She looked a bit flummoxed and confused by the request. (These things only work on 7de laan. )

Next thing she knows, the girls were putting a garland of flowers on her head. And the guys are dressed up in costume at the entrance to Oppie Koffie. From behind the boys out steps Bernard with a ring.


Danelle’s first instinct was to run away! But the girls held onto her.

Then Bernard stepped up to her with the hideous ring and told her to forget about the speech and everyone around them…



As Bernard tells Danelle that he loves her and wants to marry her, a ruckus is heard outside in the arcade and the robbers enter Oppie Koffie with guns and tells everyone to get on the floor.


Which is where the episode ended.

I know this is 7de laan where no one acts like a normal person…but why on earth would Bernard arrange such a ridiculous proposal for Danelle. I could see Kim, Pulane or even Vanessa or Bonita enjoying such a public spectacle. Danelle, however, is a lot more low key and reserved. You get the impression that he doesn’t know her at all.


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