7de laan Linda makes Bernard choose – it’s either her or Danelle

It all came to a head on 7de laan when Linda and Bernard were having their usual discussion her opinion that Danelle wasn’t the right woman for him.  Bernard in no uncertain terms told his mother (again) Danelle is the woman who makes him happy, who he loves and who wants to marry.

Linda was unmoved and accused Bernard of choosing Danelle ahead of her, his mother.

Linda to Bernard: You chose her

You could see how it tore Bernard up. He doesn’t want to hurt his mother, but he wasn’t going to let her make decisions for him.

Plus before Linda decided to insert herself right in the middle of her son’s relationship, he and Danelle weren’t even talking about getting married. They were contented right where they were.

All her meddling just forced Bernard to get defensive when he felt pushed into a corner by his mother. Every bad thing Linda said about Danelle caused him to want to be with Danelle even more. Like that has never happened before when a mother tried to tell her child who to love.

Bernard putting it to his mother

Linda was far from being in acceptance mode!  Not that Bernard was phased. He was as always very respectful of his mother, yet firm in his resolve to do what he feels is right.

Danelle meanwhile resigned from Oppie Koffie because she can’t be “just friends” with Bernard and she doesn’t want to come between him and his mother.

Her prospective mother in law loathes Danelle

She loves him but she can’t understand why his mother wants him to choose between them. She loves him too much to put him in that position.

Danelle doesn't want Bernard to have to choose

When Aggie sees Bernard upset at the office after the huge fight with his mother, she tells him about Danelle leaving 7de laan.  Bernard immediately springs into action.

Bernard and Aggie discussing a proposal

He asks for Aggie’s help in preparing the setting for a marriage proposal!

Linda, back at Ryno’s house, has made immediate plans to leave 7de laan. She tells Ryno that Danelle is manipulative and Bernard is blind to her faults.  She says Bernard is going to marry Danelle to hurt her and to prove a point. She says Danelle forced Bernard to choose.

And then she left.

Linda causing havoc and then departing

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