Altus and Eben come face to face on #7delaan

Eben walked into the Hillside Times looking to check in on Paula and take her for lunch. She was busy taking phone calls from readers inquiring about the hostage situation.

While Eben was waiting in the office, talking to Ntabi, in walked Altus.

Paula finished her phone call and Altus asked her if she’s okay and needed another place to sleep with the hostage situation in the Heights. An awkward moment ensues when Eben noticed the two trying to talk and walked over. Paula did her best to not say anything to Altus so that Eben wouldn’t notice their conversation.


Fortunately for her, the phone rings again and while Paula is talking, Eben and Altus stared each other down.



Altus breaks first and walks away shaking his head!

When Eben asked Paula who that was, she said “just some guy”.


And continued making plans with Eben for the evening – dinner at Stasie Ses while Marko is being held hostage.

Both Eben and Altus looked so good on screen. Paula, not so much – not looks wise, but rather her fickleness and immaturity.

I hope 7de laan writers don’t make Eben into a sleazy bad guy down the road, but that Paula rather chooses to be with Altus when the time comes. And we can already see it coming a mile away.

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