Day 3 of the #7delaan Hostage Drama!

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OMW! What a dramatic ending to the hostage drama. Just as a by the way…Ingrid Paulus (Vanessa) and Pierre van Pletzen (Oubaas) directed this episode.

Okay…onto the drama…

Dr Lynette put her and Herman’s plan into place to have the hostage takers  food spiked with the drugs. They gave Charmaine who was preparing the food a needle filled with the drugs.


Outside Gita was getting fed up with waiting and was on her way to get the police task team to take action to get the hostages released.


Fortunately Ty was able to stop her.

The hostage taker’s “boss” was still negotiating their escape with the negotiator, who wasn’t doing much negotiating at all. The negotiator seemed to be stalling for time.


They were told that the only plane available was a ten seater, so the hostages had to decide amongst themselves who would be going on the plane.


Meanwhile the police task team decided that the time had come to make a move! Entering the coffee shop through the secret entrance.

And Charmaine laced the hostage takers food with the Quantalex drug while Lynette, Herman and the others waited for the robbers to eat the food and then for the drug – which seems like a sleeping drug – to take effect. Xander found out the leader’s name is Alex and the excitable one Tak or Doug.


It wasn’t too long when the gang started yawning before falling asleep. And this is where the plan stopped. Once the hostages realised their captors were fast asleep they moved around the coffee shop in a chaotic manner. Going nowhere slowly.

The police task team was on the way though.

But just about when the police made their way into the coffee shop one of the gang members woke up and shot his gun in the air. More choas ensued with the police, hostages and the captors all shouting and moving around a dark Oppiekoffie.


In the initial escape non-plan, Danelle and Bernard got separated. They found each other for a second and kissed. Danelle told Bernard that she had an answer for his proposal before they were again separated.

During the shootout between the criminals and police Danelle was caught in the crossfire.


Bernard once again found Danelle and told her they would be okay. Until Danelle held up her hand covered in blood!


She told Bernard that her answer is yes.


Then it looked like she died before the end credits rolled.



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