Antoinette! WTF #7delaan

The other day during the hostage drama Antoinette pitched up at the travel agency and watched from behind the wall how Ty and Gita were working together to help the police find a way to release the hostages.


Her reaction was a bit strange because the two were for once trying to do something that wasn’t self-serving.

On Tuesday’s episode Ty had just dialed Antoinette’s number to make a date when his aunt Gita walked into the travel agency.


Ty pretended – very badly – that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Which peaked Gita’s already strong suspicions that something was going on with her nephew. Remember, she asked him to follow Antoinette and he lied to her telling her his ex-fiance was gone. Plus he’s been very standoffish with her lately.


When Antoinette returned the call he pretended to be talking to a client.


Seriously Ty! It’s Gita we’re talking about!

On their previous date Antoinette had been trying to tell Ty that she felt like she knew him before. He dodged her questions and pretended not to know anything about her past. 


Then they kissed.


On their latest date Antoinette once again she tried to broach the subject with Ty. She told him that she shouldn’t have kissed him the other day, but she couldn’t stop herself. Because of her feelings since the first time she saw him.


She asked if he didn’t also feel like there was something.

He said everything was confusing and that he didn’t know what to say.

Antoinette though wouldn’t let up. She asked Ty if he felt nothing for her…


The woman he loved!


Who was expecting his child and who he murdered!


OMW! Where did that come from?? So did Antoinette know all along or did her memory come back recently?

She did give Ty lots of chances to come clean and he chose to be as vague as he possibly could be. There was no reason for him to not tell her the truth because he never attempted to murder her.

He accidentally shot her while my trying to shoot Gita.

We’ll have to wait and see where to from here for Antoinette and Ty.


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