Eben Gets the #7delaan Gossip Treatment

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Altus was having coffee in the reopened Oppiekoffie when he saw Marko talking to Dali and Eben.

When he got Marko alone he wanted to know who he was. Marko told him the guy’s name is Eben and he does African tours.

Altus told him Paula is seeing the guy.


And when Marko said he told Eben Paula is married, Altus said it clearly makes no difference. Altus has no room to talk. It clearly made no difference that he was married while carrying on with his flerrie, Kristin.


He’s seen the two together and knowing Paula she wouldn’t waste her time if she was not interested in the guy.

Later Eben went looking for Paula at the Hillside Times but she had called in sick. Eben told Aggie he’s a friend of Paula and would like to know where she lived as she wasn’t answering her phone.

Aggie angrily asked him whether he knows Paula is married.


Eben replied yes, but they are separated.


Aggie told him that it means nothing. They will sort it out because they are soulmates.


All Eben said was “we’ll see. It’s her decision.”

And he won’t do anything she isn’t okay with.

Aggie then went looking for Paula at her home, but she wasn’t answering. So she went to Kim.

Aggie told Kim about the guy who came looking for Paula at the office.

Of course now Kim’s interest was peaked. No doubt the news will travel around 7de laan in no time whatsoever now.

Aggie told her Eben knows Paula is married but it doesn’t bother him.

If she thought Kim would support her point of view she was wrong. Because Kim thought Paula deserves some fun after what she went through. I wonder how soon after Danelle’s death will Kim think Bernard shpuld be dating again. How about Paula get a divorce first before starting to date?

Then in pure Kim form she wanted to know what the guy looks like. How Aggie would rate him. Aggie reluctantly gave him a 7, then an 8. She ain’t wrong about that 😉

Kim said that’s exactly what Paula needs for her bruised self-image.

Well, Paula’s self-image always depended on men chasing her and wining and dining her. She started going downhill with her image – the mousy brown hair and librarian outfits – long before Altus cheated, to be fair.

Aggie again stated that Paula and Altus belongs together. Maybe, maybe not. They haven’t had the happiest of marriages so far

Kim wanted to know whose side Aggie is on. When her best friend’s husband cheats on her and she wants the friend to go back to the coward.

Aggie wasn’t persuaded. She said Altus loves Paula and she loves him. She’s just confused.

Kim said Paula needs TLC and if Eben can give it to her she should go for it.

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