The Cat and Mouse Game Between Gita, Ty and Antoinette on #7delaan2

Good heavens! This little cat and mouse game between Gita, Ty and Antoinette is getting very, very interesting. Is there anyone out there who actually knows how this will end?

Because you think you know and then…something else happens to make you wonder.

What we know for sure is this: all three are devious liars when they need to be and all three have lied to at least one of the others previously.

We know that Ty isn’t playing Antoinette.

What we also know is that Antoinette returned from the almost dead and told Ty that her memories prior to the shootings came flooding back when they kissed. Antoinette has kept a straight face from the moment she arrived until now. So you can’t tell if any of this is true. Maybe she arrived with memory intact or maybe it really did come back when she said it did.

She forgave Ty awfully fast for dumping her “dead” body with their baby still in it after the accidental shooting… Hasn’t she? Or maybe she’s just the forgiving type.


Ty is once again lying to Gita. The fool that he is. How can he think he will get away with it when he’s been unsuccessful with his schemes so far?

Gita told him to get rid of Antoinette (permanently!), instead Ty doctored a photo to show that it wasn’t actually Antoinette who arrived back in 7de laan. He’s been irritated by Gita’s treatment of him even before Antoinette’s return.

And now his mind is back on taking revenge on Gita by stealing her money. The initial revenge was for what Gita did to her drug addicted, kidnapper, extortionist, generally criminal brother Clint(Ty’s father). She probably had him killed and if anyone deserved it then that person would be Clint.

Ty is also upset because he thinks Gita treats him like a skivvy at the travel agency. Presumably he believes the fact that he shot Antoinette and their baby is Gita’s fault too.


Gita always suspicious of Ty and everyone else has a feeling something is wrong with Ty. Mainly because he is acting suspiciously!

He puts down the phone when she walks into the office, makes stupid conversations with nonexistent clients over the phone. Forgets to do stuff, stares into space. Acts generally shifty.


Gita is so onto him! She doesn’t know what he’s doing yet, but she knows he’s up to something. Now she’ll be on her guard even more than ever.

Only the heavens (and 7de laan writers) knows how this little devious triangle is going to end.

Read how the plan is working for Ty or read a few spoilers for March 2015.

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