Isidingo March 2015 Spoilers

March in Isidingo will be filled with the war between Barker Haynes and Georgie Zamdela, with Brad and Palesa right in the middle. And the Sibekos involved too..

As well as Ben’s sexual harassment of Charlie and Sechaba and Lerato’s never ending courtship.

Let’s start with Lerato and Sechaba
Sechaba decides whether he’s fighting a losing battle trying to win Lerato back and Lerato isn’t ready to give in yet. But fate steps in when Lerato’s place gets flooded and she is forced to move in with Sechaba.

The two find it hard to live together and start fighting over food and playing (more) games with each other. And not the romantic kind of games.

Lerato tries to make Sechaba jealous by going on a date. Of course it works.

Finally Lerato moves out and into Charlie and Calvin’s house. But things don’t start off well there either.

Ben, Charlie and Priya
Ben is still up to his tricks trying to get Charlie for himself and he is not amused by Priya giving Charlie advice on dealing with his sexual harassment of her and when Priya warns him off, it sends Ben after her.

He thinks Priya is messing in his business, so he will mess in hers. At her job. Benjamin is on a mission trying to get Priya fired. And he starts by laying a complaint against her putting her job on the line. The person who might benefit most if Priya is in trouble is non other than Eddie Holmes. Eddie always thought he should’ve gotten Priya’s job, so this might be his big chance.

Barker, Georgie and the Sibekos
Bradley Haynes decides to take on the Sibekos when Palesa feels threatened after the attempted hit on Brad’s life – against his uncle’s wishes. There’s trouble at the mines and Brad gets involved trying to bring peace.
Sizwe is also involved in this storyline, being a leader amongst the mineworkers.

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