Altus Warns Eben to Stay Away from his Wife on #7delaan

On Friday Altus saw Eben once again. This time in the Deli and he introduced himself in a not very friendly way, telling him to leave Paula alone.

Eben had no idea who Altus was.


But Altus set him straight telling him he’s Paula’s husband. He asked if Eben knows she’s married.


Eben wasn’t in the least bit scared or worried and reminded Altus that they – he and his wife – weren’t living together anymore. And married people live together.


Meanwhile Paula told Kim and Ntabi she is confused although she is enjoying Eben’s attentions and still has feelings for Altus. Sounds familiar? Typical Paula.


Later Aggie warned Paula she’s looking for trouble and has to make a decision soon to avoid drama because Altus knows about Eben and the two are prepared to fight for her.

Paula said she’s not the guilty party when Aggie suggested she make up with Altus.


Still later Eben visited Paula at work to ask her where he stands with her. He told her that he doesn’t play games. Which makes him even more attractive 😉 What he doesn’t know yet is that he’s dealing with 7de laan’s queen of games.

For now though Paula wanted to know how Eben feels about her. He said he thought it was clear – it isn’t since the two don’t really have chemistry. When he asked how she felt she said…it’s complicated. Confusing. Welcome to Paula’s world, Eben. Let the games begin.  And then they kissed.


Altus may not want to know this yet, but he should be so lucky to have Paula move on with Eben. Then he could get himself someone like the Oppiekoffie waitress, Petro who will at least pay him some attention. Just not Kristin! As soon as he stops fighting for her, Paula will want him back.

She loves the drama of men chasing after her and fighting for her. That’s how she measures her self worth.

Both Paula and Eben will be the losers in this because Eben doesn’t look like he will put up with Paula’s insecurities. He runs tours all over Africa so how long will he stay in one place anyway?

Mind you, where was he living before arriving in Hillside and does Paula even know if he has ten children all over Africa or a girlfriend or wife.

Does Eben know how immature, selfish and self-centred Paula can be – most of the time? He will find out the longer he stays in Hillside. She’s a taker and gives almost nothing back in return.

And does he have enough money to look after Paula’s extravagant tastes? Will he be able to fawn over her night and day and listen to her long stories, without having the favour returned?  Will he be able to (or want to) rescue her each time she finds herself in trouble.

Because that was what Altus had to do over and over again.

If Altus knows what’s good for him he would wish Eben good luck and move on.

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