Benjamin Lee Roux’s Sexual Harassment of Charlie on #isidingo

Benjamin Lee Roux isn’t one who takes no to mean no. In fact it just makes him try harder. And when Charlie told him they are no more than colleagues, it didn’t discourage Ben in any shape or form. He just upped the sexual harassment game he was playing.


As Frank Xavier warned Charlie – she and Ben are playing different games. And she should decide whether she is prepared to give Ben what he wants in return for the opportunities she’s receiving.


Well, Charlie Holmes wanted the rewards of an unearned job. This a few months after starting to work at ON TV as a PA to the station manager (Ben) – without an education other than matric, nor any work experience – other than a few weeks as a waitress. She thinks she is in control of her relationship with Ben because he still has a crush on her after their casual relationship of a few years ago.

But she also doesn’t want a relationship with Ben now. And she has made this very clear to him.


Ben has his mind set on Charlie. He tried his best to put a wedge between her family and friends and Charlie, without much success so far.

Then he sweetened the pot with a trip to Los Angeles for a business meeting to buy TV series. And he included her in important meetings.

When he tried to kiss her Charlie backed away and when she called him on it he said he was just trying to comfort her. She’s reading more into his actions than he intends.

Then he punishes her by treating her like a lowly employee – fetching coffee and taking minutes.

When she threatens to quit, he sweetens the pot some more by giving into one of her demands – producing an insert for Calvin.

He repeats this game of sexually harassing Charlie, telling her she misunderstood his gesture, punishing her and then rewarding her with work related compliments or better projects.

So much so that Charlie isn’t sure if she’s mistaken.

Until she speaks to Priya and tells how touchy feely Ben has been. As luck would have it, she sees Ben’s inappropriate office behavior.

Priya uses an opportunity to warn Benjamin that Charlie is not alone and he’s being watched by Eddie and now her.

Ben was furious! To say the least. He issued his own warning to Charlie telling her that she’ll find out what it’s like to not have him as a friend.

At least the sexual harassment will come to an abrupt end. But Priya’s nightmare has just started.

Read March 2015 spoilers to see what Ben’s response will be.

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