Paula Wants to Reconcile while Altus wants a divorce #7delaan

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Paula was still upset about Altus not wanting to get back together. She was sitting in the couch eating chocolate pudding when Maria came to clean the flat.

Maria wanted to know why she was eating chocolate instead of being on safari. Paula said Eben was a vague memory and Altus doesn’t want her anymore.


Maria told her to pull herself together and stop feeling sorry for herself. Paula agreed and decided to get treatments at Laura Lee, put on her best dress and then go to Altus to convince him he couldn’t live without her.


Altus meanwhile was at the office still fuming and when Xander came down for coffee he asked Xander to handle his divorce.


Xander wanted to know if it’s the right decision, if he shouldn’t wait a while. Altus said Paula was well prepared to fare into Africa with another man.


He was ranting and raving about Paula saying he’s tired of her childish games.


Then she appeared at the door and heard some of Altus’ tirade.


Paula was devastated and headed to the office. Where she had a bit of a breakdown.


After work Ntabi visited with her friend asking her what was going on. Paula told her that she thought she wanted her marriage to end.


But realised she still loves Altus, but when she went to Bruynwaves she heard him tell Xander he wants to divorce her.


If this was the first time we’ve seen this drama and games between Paula and Altus, I would feel more bad for Paula. But she chose to take revenge on Altus by dating and kissing another man more than once. Instead of fighting it out with him.

What did she expect him to do while she flaunted Eben around 7de laan? Wait until she made a choice again? That’s high school not marriage.

She chose the game as usual and expected everyone to dance to her tune.  At least Altus sees it now. And Eben wasn’t playing.

Hopefully when they get together again Paula would have grown up so they can have an adult relationship.

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