The Bad, The So-so and the Good on #7delaan

Last year 7de laan producers were apparently told that changes were needed – so we’ve seen makeovers of buildings and people. I thought it was time to take a look how 7de laan is going (in my humble opinion of course). Feel free get it off your chest in the comments below.

The Bad...
Ntabi and Dali. I’m sorry but it’s too much seeing the ridiculous conversations these two have…each and every time they see each other. Ntabi went from a likeable professional woman to an idiot the minute Dali walked in. Half the time I tune them out. Okay much, much more than half the time.

Kim and Pulane. Two very nasty characters with no redeeming

The slippers story line. I just switch my brain off when this one comes on. I can’t afford to lose another brain cell.

The so so
The less I see of the Meintjies family, the happier I am. I can’t believe Vanessa is now the most reasonable and likeable of the lot! I like Xander too sometimes when he’s being nice.

Dr Lynette and Ryno. Hopefully the end is in sight. Although Lynette would make a good partner for Marko when Ryno presumably leaves 7de laan. They have more chemistry than Ryno and the good Dr has. But I guess Ryno and the Doc will leave together.

Paula. In the matter of a few months she went from my favourite character in all SA soapies to one of my least favourites. Altus looks so much more mature and grown up than her now, and she has more worldly experience. The way she is written now, Paula is played out.

The good
Sonja, Wian and Nadia are like a breath of fresh air in 7de laan. They look good, they act well and they don’t get down on other characters. Every time little Wian is on screen is a real pleasure. There’s A naturalness about them. I’m intentionally not including Dewald 😉

Ty and Gita! I’m loving this current story line with these two playing a game of cat and mouse where they are equally matched. It’s so much more fun seeing them try to out fox each other instead of some poor defenseless person. I missed bitchy Gita, but not evil Gita who gets away with everything.

Altus! I love that he’s grown a back bone where Paula is concerned. Let’s hope these two never have marriage problems again once they get back together though. I can’t take Paula’s whining and self pity another day.

Bernard! Great seeing him have a story again. He’s acting was so understated, yet touching during the Danelle dying story.

No Matrone and Hilda competitions or fallouts recently is good , good news.

I loved the big stories of the last few months – Altus cheating, Emma’s trial and Danelle’s story. It was controversial and got people upset, but that’s what good stories sometimes do. Each story is potentially a game changer.

To end off…please bring Eben back for Gita, 7de laan!

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