Who is sending Bullets all over Horizon Deep? #isidingo

Instead of harassing a poor police officer trying to help out a friend, Benjamin le Roux should be putting his resources into finding out who is sending bullets with potential victims names to them! There are some intriguing prospects amongst the powerful people of Horizon Deep.

We can instantly rule Georgie Zamdela out. There is no way he would have threatened Palesa. Back when he kidnapped her and held her hostage, he didn’t know she was his daughter.


That leaves the Sibekos and Barker Haines.

With Lincoln out of the country with his girlfriend, his wife has been very busy keeping him informed and following his instructions.

Katlego (and supposedly Lincoln) doesn’t want Nikiwe to be friendly with Bradley Haines and she will do anything to ensure it doesn’t happen. You can’t put anything past Kat. That woman nearly had her husband’s mistress’ baby aborted. The baby was only spared be cause she found out in the nick of time that it was another man’s child.

The Sibekos doesn’t trust that Barker won’t use Bradley to get Sibeko Gold. And they are not wrong.

Nikiwe believes her father didn’t order a hit on either Barker or Palesa’s lives.


She wants hostilities to cease between the Haines’ and the Sibekos and has tried to come to an agreement with Bradley to work together to keep the peace. And it worked for a short while.

While you can’t discount the Sibekos, my money is on Barker Haines being the culprit.

He has the most to gain. He wants his nephew in his corner and would pretty much do anything to get him there.

His plan – I’m guessing – started with the TV interviews with Frank that had every crook in town on edge. Katlego followed Barker all around town making threats (on her husband’s behalf) against Barker. And Georgie made a few threats of his own.

But just before the last interview Barker got the bullet with his name on it. This fired Bradley up, made him change his mind about his uncle doing the interview. But on the last moment Barker decided to only have the interview aired if something happens to him. Very convenient, that.

Next he befriended Palesa and very subtly encouraged her to pursue a relationship with Brad, then very subtly fed her information to relay to her boyfriend. This to keep Brad on his side during a board meeting and in the process antagonise the Sibekos.

After the board meeting Nikiwe once again tried to make peace with Barker and Bradley, which Brad was happy to accept.

And then when Katlego told Palesa to stop seeing Bradley she made a veiled threat. Next came the bullet which caused Palesa to quit and head back to Johannesburg.


This angered Bradley even more. After a bit of motivational speaking from his uncle and a goodbye from Palesa, he headed straight to the Sibekos and declared war.


Exactly what Barker Haines wanted.


My only question is this…is Katlego playing both sides? Is she always talking to Lincoln on the phone or could Barker also sometimes be on the other side of the call?

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