Paula and Altus fight it out at last #7delaan

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Last night was the first time since Paula caught Altus cheating,  these two directly confronted each other with a few truths.


For too long they’ve spoken of their hurt and anger to other people and mostly made snide remarks to each other or totally avoided being in the same room.


Their friends (if you can call Pulane a friend) instead shared gossip which made Paula and Altus’ ‘ precarious relationship troubles even worse.


If the two had sat down together in the same room with their lawyers as mediators, everyone would have realised that neither of the two wants a divorce. But of course we can’t have a quick resolution in a soapie.

So we had to put up with Paula’s childish ways. Using poor Eben to make Altus jealous, discussing their relationship on her vlog for all of Hillside and the world to see. And generally walking around feeling sorry for herself

Altus thinks he’s apologised and that should be enough for Paula. Which of course it isn’t. He doesn’t see that it’s about lost trust and not just forgiveness. She never expected Altus – of all people – would do something so hurtful and despicable. He was the one person in the world she could trust and now that’s gone. Forever.

But Altus has seen Paula going off with numerous men on overseas trips and adventures before. Leaving him to pick up the pieces until she returned broke and sorry. If Altus wanted to really get ugly, he could have named names. Like that abusive Richard guy from the UK who she actually married and divorced.


So it’s no wonder he flipped when he saw Paula heading off with Eben.

Now they both want to hurt each other as much as possible so they’ll say whatever it takes to make themselves feel like their actions are justified.



The huge public fight is what these two needed to bring them hopefully to their senses. Because they’ve been through a lot of relationship stuff and gotten through it.



And the first thing in moving forward is to say how you really feel. As ugly as that truth may be. Then take responsibility for your own feelings and actions and stop assigning blame.


And then you grow up and wipe the slate clean. Because in a successful, healthy marriage you cannot keep score.

The alternative is to get a divorce and move on.

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