#7delaan spoilers Chat for April 2015

A few new faces are about to appear in 7de laan during April 2015, according to spoilers. Of course there’s Anna the new reporter at the Hillside Times who we already saw and Willem (played by Markus Haywood), Nadia’s brother.

Willem is going to be quite a bit of trouble, influencing Nadia in a not too good way. (Oh no, I hope Nadia doesn’t get into any trouble. She was a huge pain when she was using drugs and being rebellious. Plus watching her father lose his marbles again will be hard to watch…again!)

Anna is going to have romantic chemistry with none other than Marko! Just last week he was still pining for Emma. But since Emma will be imprisoned for a few years still, we can’t just expect Marko to be all Stasie Ses and no play.

Petro is going to be head over heals in love with Bernard. I doubt it’s mutual.
1) because it’s far, far too soon for Bernard after Danelle’s death
2) later in the month Oom Oubaas tries to find her a boyfriend

I doubt viewers are going to take it too kindly if Bernard moves on this fast nogal with another blonde waitress who looks and behaves similar to Danelle. Or anyone else, actually.

Sonja starts her own business and moves with Wian into a flat.

Ty has to pick up the pieces. Hey, he could pick up the pieces with Petro!

Paula and Altus are still not together in April. It seems like the 7de laan writers dusted off their old Paula and Altus scripts of years gone by to give us more of the same. Paula is a pain, gets herself in trouble and Altus feels sorry for her and rescues her. We’ve seen it all before  – more than once.

Paula should take some lessons from Priya on Isidingo on how to handle a husband who cheated. Get angry and get over it.

Ryno and Dr Lynette are still on their boring trip to find each other or whatever you call their courtship.

Pulane breaks up with Sifiso and their friends help them get back together again. WHY???? WHY???? WHY???? I don’t want to see them break up or make up. Or anything.

Diederik gets on Kim’s case about her gossiping tendencies. Good man, Diederik.

Dear readers and fellow 7de laan viewers, I’ve saved the worst for last. Dali gets a job at the Times. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

So now he and Ntabi can fight and carry on at work. And we have to witness this nonsense.

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