#Isidingo Spoilers Chat for April 2015

From the April 2015 spoilers, it looks like another intriguing month in Horizon Deep. Isidingo has been piling on the drama since March and April looks the same.

Looks like it’s all about Priya in April! A good thing because since Rajesh cheated on her, Priya has more interesting stories going on.

Priya, Eddie and Ben
At least it looks like Eddie was actually trying to be a good friend and colleague to Priya. Helping her out of the mess that is Benjamin le Roux.

Ben seems to be quiet in April – great news because evil, manipulative Benjamin can only be taken in the very smallest of doses.

Priya and Rajesh
These two have been getting along so well! Their marriage was based on friendship so it’s good to see – after a rough time – that the friendship is still there. In small glimpses.

As the final divorce decree approaches, there is thought of a reconciliation between the two. But then Rajesh gets surprising news from Zak! Is she pregnant???? Looks like Rajesh got what wanted.

But now he might want Priya back too when on the eve when the divorce is finalised, he goes to Priya to ask if they are making a mistake.

The divorce goes ahead anyway.

Priya and Bradley Haines!
Yes, you’ve read that one correctly!

Brad asks Priya on a date and she at first says yes, then backs out. But after some pressure from her friends and persistence from Brad’s side, it happens. Who would have thought??

Bradley Haines looks like the perfect post-divorce fling. Priya has been through a lot in the last few months and deserves some of the Brad treatment in the Duncan suites 😉

Lerato and the beauty shop
Lerato again runs into financial trouble and finds another mentor. Skhumbuzo comes to her rescue, giving her advice and taking on the mentorship role. We all remember what happened the last time Lerato had a mentor.

At least we won’t have a skelm Hamilton situation on our hands again!

But would Isidingo go the romance route with Lerato and Skhumbuzo while Sechaba figures out how to be a grownup? I hope so!

Sizwe and the Sibekos
Sizwe is not the forgiving and forgetting kind of man. He is after the Sibekos because he believes they are corrupt and dangerous. And Lincoln came right into his house and pointed a gun at him!

Now he is right in the middle of unrest on The Deep some of which he can’t control. And Zukiswa’s job at the Sibeko house is on the line.

And maybe even Nikiwe’s CEO position (again). Daddy is back!

The good news – looks like Lincoln is back – in the living flesh!

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