Gita is in Argentina, while Jo Da Silva recovers from illness #7delaan

Awww, man! I was so looking forward to hearing how Ty was going to spin the missing millions to Gita! At least she had enough money to get out of the country for a while 😉

Unfortunately this is due to Jo Da Silva’s sick leave. According to the You/Huisgenoot magazines, Jo da Silva was sick in hospital with viral pneumonia for about three weeks.

Jo had a bad cough that she ignored and ended up very ill. We’ve been seeing how sick Gita has been looking on our TV screens recently and her voice was a bit hoarse too.

She looks healthy and happy now. See the pictures on her Facebook page.

It can’t be too long before Gita and Ty will be plotting and planning again. She’ll probably come back with a vengeance in a month or so.

But what is Ty going to do now? Penniless and alone?


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