What Happened to SA’s favourite Soapie #7delaan


I was absolutely shocked to hear Villa Rosa won the popular vote in the Royalty Soapie awards. The award won by 7de laan for the last few years. What happened?

Obviously now that Villa Rosa is going off the air there was a concerted campaign by a group of people to vote for them. But also 7de laan viewers weren’t bothered to vote.

As usual neither did Generations, Muvhango, Scandal, Isidingo or Rhythm City viewers. All have a much higher viewership than Villa Rosa, mind you.

Another shocker was seeing 7de laan’s ratings. Last week just over a million viewers tuned in daily to watch the inhabitants of Hillside go about their business. A short few years ago more than 2 million viewers used to tune in daily.

At the rate 7de laan is going now, it’s downhill, rather than improvement.


No growth!

Because the characters have not grown one inch since 2002. And viewers have.

It’s like watching mentally deficient adults or hyperactive small children on 7de laan. Hardly anyone acts like normal people do. They over act almost every scene.

Changing the demographic won’t help one iota if the characters – however dearly beloved they might have been in the past – won’t grow up.

No one to root for
Who are viewers supposed to root for? I can’t think of one story line where I want a couple to get it together or an underdog to overcome against a villian.
Most of the characters are unlikeable now or they are just floating around doing nothing. Except for Bernard and Ty and Sonja and Nadia these days. And of course the most likeable of the lot, baby Wian.

No romance
Nothing.  No romantic drama, no real love triangles. Eben was wasted on that lot. No young love pining away for another. Just the some old (and young, and middle-aged) fools doing the same thing over and over again. When last did we have a big 7de laan romance with a couple to root for that had twists and turns then ended with a wedding? Who would give two hoots if Kim and Diederik, Pulane and Sifiso or Ntabi and Dali got married?

The worst thing for me is everyone in everyone else’s business. Or within hearing distance. And all the gossip. Oh and seeing Kim everywhere every day.

For 7de laan it’s not only the sets and actors that needed improving, it’s the stories. It’s about knowing who are front burner actors and characters and who should be filler once in a while.

Bernard, Ty, Gita, Paula, Altus, Xander, Marko, Sonja, Nadia, Neville and Ntabi can carry storylines. With other good actors coming in for a few months or a year or two, then finishing their stories and leaving. The rest are just not interesting enough people to see every day.

7de laan as it is now isn’t interesting enough to watch every day. Hopefully someone does something to rescue the soapie from its downward spiral.


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