7de laan Says Goodbye to Ryno Lategan

Last Thursday 7de laan said goodbye to Ryno Lategan, famous novelist, bookshop owner and much married resident of Hillside. Unfortunately there was no happy ending for Ryno, unless you count escaping from Lynette’s needy clutches as a happy ending.

Ryno is off to Boggomsbaai to finish his novel while Chris Vorster the actor has taken on a new job as a University of Free State professor.

Ryno Lategan will definitely be missed. He was the normal, every day guy in 7de laan – amongst a bunch of lunatics and overgrown children. The voice of reason.

Even through four marriages, the death of a wife, divorce, broken engagements, an adoption gone wrong, miscarriage of his baby,  and ruined relationships, Ryno still managed to remain relatively level-headed. And very likeable!

The Loves of Ryno’s Life

He arrived in 7de laan in June 2000 already and when we met him we found out:

He was divorced from wife number 1 Barbara for about 2 years.  Chris Vorster (Ryno) was 30 years old in 2000, so Ryno was around 28 when he first divorced.

Before long, actually during that same year, October 2000, he and 7de laan’s villain at the time,  Sandra Stutterheim ‘ got engaged. But Sandra’s scheming and fued with the Terreblanches was too much for Ryno, so the two broke up.

Next on Ryno’s list was Christelle Terreblanche. They got married in 2001 after Ryno had to take care of his niece Nadia when his sister was in an accident. Christelle loved being a mother to the little girl, but lost it when Herman arrived to claim his daughter Nadia and the marriage couldn’t take the strain. The two were divorced in 2002.

In 2003 Ryno married Annette. The two broke up for a while and in 2004 when he found out she was dying, Ryno brought her home. She died in his arms.

From Huisgenoot 15 Jan 2015

Being a widower did not slow Ryno down one bit, because in 2004 he also had a fling with Debbie Meyer a famous South African Hollywood star…just like you know who 😉 She wanted to buy the rights to his novel to turn it into a movie.

The next love of Ryno’s life was Emma! His bookshop employee. The two were married in 2005 and soon Emma encountered the first of her stalkers. Anton terrorised Emma with Fairytale scenarios and eventually Emma had to be institutionalised. She divorced Ryno in 2006. Although she wanted to rekindle their relationship when she returned, Ryno had moved on.

In 2007, Ryno got engaged to Isabelle Moolman. The only problem was Isabelle or Livia as she called herself at the time, had amnesia. She eventually remembered who she really was and was in fact in 7de laan to kill Ryno. Apparently Ryno’s womanizing ways started back in his youth! Livia/Isabelle held him responsible and wanted to take revenge for her sister Suzaan’s death.

The sister died from complications due to pregnancy and Ryno was her boyfriend at the time. Turns out Ryno was unaware of all that drama.

The engagement was broken, but after forgiving Isabelle for wanting to kill him the two were engaged again. And then Isabelle found out they were going to have a baby. Unfortunately, due to a growth in her womb she lost the baby and couldn’t carry another child.

Next Isabelle cheated on Ryno with Dawid Greeff, although Ryno forgave her, Isabelle eventually left 7de laan in 2008.

Ryno took a much needed break from women until 2011 when he became interested in Marcelle, his book editor. But after a few ups and downs she left in 2013.

In late 2014 he was introduced to Dr Lynette Lindeque who gave him advice on medical aspects in his latest novel. The two started getting romantically involved until (1) Lynette was accused of illegal organ harvesting (2) forgot to tell Ryno she was still married to a convicted murderer.

Lynette thinks she’s the love if Ryno’s life…she has no idea…she’s probably not even in the top five.

From Huisgenoot 15 Jan 2015

Hopefully Ryno finds love again in Boggomsbaai and visits 7de laan again somewhere in the future. He’ll definitely be welcomed back.

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