A Look Back at last week’s #7delaan 10/04/2015


This past week had a lot more of an even spread of stories and people on our screens. So 7de laan was easier to watch. Plus I like all things Sonja these days.


Sonja moving into Emma’s old flat with Wian was very sweet. And furnishing her flat with things Oom Oubaas brought and some crockery, cutlery and a kettle that Nadia brought. It reminded me of moving out on my own for the first time!  I hope it works out well for Sonja too.



Nadia pitching up at her friend’s flat all the time feeling a bit envious was realistic too. I’ve been there too when my friend moved into her flat and I lived at home.

The best part was Sonja’s mom sending a bath compendium for her grandson showing a bit of support.

The actress, Tessa Holloway, who plays Sonja is so natural that she’s easy to watch, unlike most of the other young people. Except Simone Nortmann, Nadia, who is midway between the two extremes.

Nadia getting a job at Oppiekoffie was good too. A kind of rite of passage in 7de laan.

Bernard acknowledging Danelle’s death when Nadia brought him the temporary engagement ring. That was pretty much the first time since a week or so after Danelle’s death that anyone even mentioned her. Or mourned her.


Danelle lived with Kim and Ntabi yet neither seem at all affected by her death. Well, except they are now even more obnoxious and irritating than when Danelle was alive.

Vanessa being the voice of reason again when speaking to Paula about the woman commenting on her vlog. Telling her to ignore the woman.

When Felicity mentioned how Vanessa sort of stole Xander from her when she was overseas, I remembered how much I loathed Vanessa for most of her time on 7de laan. It’s just now that she is no longer front and centre and much more toned down that she’s okay.  If only more characters could be toned down a notch or 10.

I still think Xander and Felicity were a better couple than Vanessa and Xander and Herman and Felicity.


Sifiso and Pulane‘s stupid anniversary game. At least we didn’t have to see much of them once it was over.

But once those two were off screen, up popped Dali and Ntabi. Ntabi actually called Dali the love of her life! Who are the people writing these big romances on 7de laan? Because those two don’t look or act like they like each other, much less love each other. Same as Pulane and Sifiso. (Isidingo does the childish romance a lot better with Lerato and Sechaba. You know those two love each other, but can’t always get it together at the same time.)

Paula! Still acting like a ten year old! An immature one at that. So some woman on the internet named BrendaP ( I swear it’s not me using a fake name. I wouldn’t waste my data 😉 ) called Paula out on her behaviour and Paula got upset getting into an internet war with the woman. As a public service to 7de laan viewers…if the 7de laan writers could just put Paula and Altus together again so she can STFU again or go away or something. She’s a pain in the you know where.

Marko and Anna! I am again at a loss about what to say about those two. Marko behaved like a stalkerish lovesick teenager! At first he weirdly stared at Anna at the cabaret show. A seriously weird stare. Seriously! Weird!

Then he couldn’t get a word out at The Hillside Times offices in front of the woman. Eventually Anna asked him on a date and then he started acting normal.  This from Marko who dated half of 7de laan and beyond!

Anna would have been more in Ryno’s age group and a better match for him. Marko and Ntabi seem a far better match.

Kim being the selfish, insensitive, horrible person that she is. If only San-mari could return to put her in her place!

No Ty the entire week 🙁

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