#7delaan Spoilers Chat for May 2015


I’ve got bad news for 7de laan viewers who are not fans of Dewald. He has a sister! A stepsister who we might not actually see in Hillside, but she causes him to look for lodging in Hillside! Heaven help us! More Dewald. Never mind, let’s chat spoilers for May 2015.

Bernard and Petro
Yep, 7de laan are going there with Petro and Bernard. Already.  

Bernard though is not ready to be in another relationship and the spectre of Danelle looms large in the new relationship. So Danelle is not completely forgotten. And the Hillside residents are worried about Bernard. Especially when Bernard starts giving Petro gifts that he used to give to Danelle.

I sincerely hope we don’t go the obvious route with Petro being the new love of Bernard’s life. Not now, not ever.

How about Petro dating a few of the available men like Altus and Marko before pairing her off?

Last month I thought spoilers were indicating that Bonita was pregnant. If only!

Instead Bonita is going to embark on a new career as a singer! I’ve heard Hildegardt Whites (Bonita Meintjies) sing once. Rather give Bonita a baby, 7de laan!

Marko and Anna
Marko and Anna starts dating…until Marko gets an unexpected visitor who he hides in his flat. The girl he is hiding is called Nina – and she is Marko’s cousin’s daughter who ran away from boarding school afraid for her life. She is played by Lou-mari Burnett. So it’s no one we know yet.

Seriously fellow 7de laan viewers, I don’t want to deprive anyone of a job, but Anna is really not needed as a permanent member of the cast. Storyline wise I just don’t see how she is any more necessary than Emma became towards the end of her stay in Hillside.

Marko could easily have been put with Ntabi, Paula or Petro or dated all three. Or Matrone. Joking!

Sonja and Willem
Nadia’s brother Willem dates Sonja for a while. Sonja though hides the fact that she has a baby and is worried it could jeopardize her new potential relationship. And it does.

Sonja also experiences financial problems. Nadia suggests Dewald moves in with Sonja since she needs the money and he needs a place to stay.

Willem gets a job in TnT. Can you just imagine…Herman having another human being to freak out about. His stepson, to make matters even worse.

But things do get worse because Willem sets his eyes on Kim! Believe it or not. He and Kim fall for each other and sneak around kissing. Arghhhhh!

Gita and Ty
Gita is back! Towards the middle of May. And Ty has made a mess of things.

Ty got involved in a bad deal and lost even more money. And when Gita returns Ty is no where to be found

Someone’s going to be on the war path.

Paula and Brenda P
The Brenda P situation carries on into the first week of May and the woman turns up at the Hillside Times. OMW! What kind of internet troll actually does that?

But whatever…it gives Paula something to freak out about. Like we never ever see her doing that!

Paula and Altus
Altus is back to his normal self. I suppose that means that he is back to being his pleasant, hard working self again.
Paula experiences financial problems but still goes to Laura Lee. Yawn.

Paula gets a new love admirer who she literally falls over.

Pulane, Sifiso, Ntabi and Dali
Praise the soapie gods! There are no spoilers involving the great “love” affairs of our time.

I’m sure we’ll see Kim in every scene again…although no spoilers to warn us when and where  she will appear.

I have a feeling a 7de laan break is coming soon for me. I will though keep doing the monthly spoiler chat.

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