#Isidingo Spoilers Chat for May 2015


Looks like things are hotting up in Isidingo on many fronts!

Priya, Brad and Rajesh
The attraction grows between the running buddies. Priya decides to have a once-off with no strings attached thing with Brad however, it becomes a lot more complicated. As these things sometimes get.

Rajesh in the meantime goes on holiday and when he returns decides he wants to get back with Priya! That man, hey! If Zac hadn’t dumped him he would still be flying to Cape Town on weekends to visit her.

But Rajesh has his own rebound girl in the wings – he also tries the one night stand with a new girl called Lindi. Who has no intention of going quietly.

It doesn’t stop him from pursuing Priya.

All this drama gives Benjamin le Roux room to get himself involved in his mission to exact revenge on Priya

The Sibekos vs Barker
With Lincoln back, there’s even more drama at Sibeko Gold.  Nikiwe has changed teams again! Believe it or not!
She’s now Team Barker and of course her father and stepmother will not be taking any of this well.

And Frank is back to remind Nikiwe of Barker’s not so good qualities. He get’s caught in the middle of the battle for Sibeko Gold.

Katlego takes matters into her own hands – all but driving her husband Lincoln and Barker Haines to all out war!  That woman should be CEO of Sibeko Gold.  She’s practically telling everyone how things are.

Lerato and Skhumbuzo
These two grow closer and kiss and Skhumbuzo isn’t shy about discussing the kiss.  Lerato of course isn’t happy. However both feel guilty and tries to avoid Sechaba.

Lerato and Charlie meanwhile are at log aheads the whole month!

A new tennant moves into the Charlie/Calvin/Lerato home.  Could it be S’khu?!

These new romances on Isidingo is so refreshing! Especially Brad and Priya.  Brad is just what Priya needs to rebound after her divorce. Although it should be fun seeing Charlie’s reaction seeing how she thinks Priya is too old for Brad.  She obviously hasn’t seen Cherrel de Villiers Haines Le Roux in action.

Although poor Sechaba will be heartbroken that his friend and ex-girlfriend hooked up. It does keep Isidingo fresh and interesting.

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