Bradley and Priya and Lerato and Skhumbuzo on #isidingo

From the looks of things there is something in the water Bradley and Priya and Skhumbuzo and Lerato are drinking in Horizon Deep! They should give Calvin and Charlie some of that water 😉

Priya has been separated from her husband Rajesh for months and once the divorce was settled last week, Priya seems to have set her sights on Bradley Haines.

And all of a sudden Brad is everywhere Priya is. He visited her at work to find out how the investigation into the murder attempt on his life was going.

Then Nikiwe suggested him and Priya run together.


Priya has been using every opportunity to flirt with Brad and while he is playing dumb for now, we know Brad isn’t exactly shy around women.


He did let it be known that Palesa isn’t his girlfriend.

And when he dropped off his heart rate monitor, Priya invited him to stay for pizza and wine. Rajesh just happened to also drop by to bring Hiranya’s school book. And he wasn’t exactly happy with what he saw.


From the way Priya has been flirting with Brad, you know she is interested. He seems to be noticing. But who can tell with that dumb, blank look on his face made famous by the Bold & the Beautiful’s Ridge Forrester.


Charlie was concerned first that Priya is too old for Brad. (He’s over 21 and she is over 21. She is not too old for him! Especially since we not talking marriage here.)

Secondly she is concerned that Brad will break Priya’s heart. (Priya’s a big girl good heavens.)

Since Charlie says she and Brad have moved on, she should just keep on moving and let the two adults do what they want.

Next we have the two besties Skhumbuzo and Lerato.
Lerato has been confiding in and getting advice from S’khu for so long that it was only a matter of time one or the other started having feelings for the other.


That person turned out to be Lerato.

We saw her getting upset when some groupies flirted with Skhumbuzo and then when Calvin and Skhumbuzo brought girls to the commune to watch soccer, Lerato (and Charlie) went ballistic.


The following day Lerato went to give S’khu a piece of her mind! He seems to have no clue about Lerato’s feelings for him.


But watch this space…these two are just getting started!

It’s so refreshing to have new couples on Isidingo! I love both these pairings, whether long term or short term. The next few months should be interesting with Rajesh and Sechaba added to the mix.


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