Guess Who is Paula’s Newest Boyfriend on #7delaan

So… May 2015 spoilers says Paula will be stumbling over someone new in 7de laan towards the end of May 2015. And we already know the actor from other SABC soapies Isidingo and  Erfsondes amongst a whole lot of other things.

According to TVPlus Emmanuel Castis is the actor who will play Yannis, a photographer who wants to capture Paula on camera and possibly her heart too?


From TV Plus, 27 May issue

But for all those Paula and Altus fans who might be wondering when they will get together again, the answer will be sooner than you think! By June 2015, spoilers indicate the two will be missing each other and share a kiss. However Paula will be torn between Yannis and Altus. She still can’t move forward after the affair Altus had.

And by the end of the month Altus will have a health issue – likely caused by Paula’s new boyfriend’ – which will lead to an epiphany for Paula.

Hopefully they let Paula grow up now and have a child or something and stop creating silliness around those two. Let Altus and Paula acknowledge that they once had and lost a baby at birth. Parents, especially mothers live with the loss of their baby – especially a nearly full term baby – forever.

And while we are at it…can we please have Paula stop acting like Altus is her personal toy and for Altus to stop acting like a submissive dummy around Paula?

Just asking 😉

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