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It has taken me a while to warm up to the new Generations Legacy, out of loyalty to the old actors and also because the storylines didn’t feel familiar.

When I tune into a soapie I want to sit back and not have to think too hard about what is happening on my screen.

So once in a while I would tune into Generations Legacy for a few minutes until last Saturday morning when I sat down and watched the Omnibus on SABC 1.

And two hours or so flew by! I enjoyed every minute of the omnibus.  It was very surprising seeing how difficult it was to sit through half an hour of the old Generations towards the end.  What with ridiculous stories of Kenny holding Dineo hostage and Senzo’s drug addiction amongst others. And his and Noluntu’s baby dying.

Depressing stuff!

The only person I really miss is Choppa.

Tau is the main reason I started Generations regularly in the first place, so seeing him now is great! Plus having Karabo back is also good news.

Especially since the Moroka family has grown and gives Karabo something to do, keeping her grown up family members – who she calls boys – Smangu and Mawzi in check.

It always bothered me that Mary wasn’t used much on the old Generations, because she is obviously an interesting character.  And now she’s the surrogate of Tau and Karabo’s baby.  Causing havoc whereever she goes.

I’m glad Cosmo stayed too, because he was a good character too.  And now we see his sister, a fellow criminal Lucy and other normal family members. I like that the two are not totally bad.  They do have a soft spot for their extended family.

Initially I switched channels whenever Namhla was on screen, especially when she had a crush on her teacher.  Now she’s growing on me a bit.  Her and Kyle.

Angela and Jonathan have also grown on me  and I can’t wait to see where the Angela/Siya relationship is going to end up.  And we know it’s going to turn into a romance.  Good girl, bad boy.  Uhmmm the stuff soapies are made of.

Gadaffi is a much, much better linchpin than Sibusiso or Kenny.  Plus he’s much more handsome.  But in true villian style he’s fallen for a woman who is not his wife.  Mind you, Karishma isn’t exactly a face to launch a thousand ships.  Gadaffi has his hands full with a devious wife (with evil mother in tow) and a girlfriend who might be playing him too.

So far I like that Gadaffi and Tau are friends, working together.  But it won’t take much to make them mortal enemies down the road.

Looks like I’ll be tuning into Generations Legacy a bit more often now.

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