Priya and Brad Kiss on #isidingo

It was a long time coming – the Priya and Brad kiss on Isidingo. The two have been running together and flirting heavily for a few weeks now.

Priya was at first reluctant to date Brad especially with Rajesh suddenly concerned for Hiranya’s welfare. Not that he gave her a thought when he was chasing his young assistant, Zac, around the office. Never mind flying to Cape Town over weekends to be with her before she dumped his behind!

Then she had the most irritating character to ever live in Horizon Deep, Yvette, on her case. Calling Priya middle -aged when clearly Priya is at least a decade younger than the middle-aged Yvette.

Can someone please put a sock in Yvette’s mouth every time she says Charlie this or Charlie that? Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyhow, back to the kiss.

After Priya canceled their first date a week or so ago, Brad asked her out again and with a bit of encouragement from her new bestie Nikiwe, she met Brad at the Duncan for drinks and then dinner.

The flirting continued as before…



And when Brad dropped Priya off at home after dinner, they kissed.


Who would have thought these two would have so much chemistry when Priya was still married to Rajesh and chasing criminals? 


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