Generations Legacy has Some Talent, hey!


Okay, as I’ve mentioned before, I was not happy with the way things ended with the actors of the old Generations. They deserved every cent they earned and much more. I still hope they get compensated for loss of income.

With that said…

I’m slowly but surely getting hooked on Generations Legacy and it’s mostly because of the Tau and Kumkani /Gadaffi friendship.

Tau was my favourite Generations character back in the day and the reason I started watching Generations in the first place. But Gadaffi, played by Vuyo Dabula, is my current soapie crush! And the last time I had a soapie crush, other than Days of our Lives’ EJ Dimera, then that would be Tau Mogale when he first arrived in Generations.

Gadaffi is such a handsome villain and does it with so much class. Well, as classy as a villain can be when he is filming another villain having underaged relations with a 15 year old boy!

And what makes Gadaffi even more attractive is his weakness for women. The fact that he wants to rescue the damsel in distress.

Then there’s Siya…


Generations sure is packing on the talent in the handsome men department…far, far better than the previous lot. Let’s just hope the Generations Legacy producers pay these men enough to stay for a long time.

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