#7delaan Rapped over the knuckles by BCCSA over Hostage Drama


Unbelievably some 7de laan viewers complained to the BCCSA about the violence depicted in the hostage drama in which Danelle died. And the BCCSA even more unbelievably found 7de laan guilty and ordered them to apologise to viewers!

First of all 7de laan is the most unrealistic of all the soapies on SA TV, yet the hostage drama was very well done, with lots of tension in the air.

You can understand that parents expect to subject their children to the usual childishness that is 7de laan on a daily basis.

But once the hostage drama started, why did those parents continue watching with their children. A good life lesson is to teach children to vote with the remote control and change the channel. Or read a book. You don’t have to sit there and watch anything you find distasteful.

Secondly a lot of other people appreciated the change of tone in Hillside and were intrigued by the unfolding drama.

How many of the million or so viewers complained and do a few complainers have a right to talk on behalf of the majority?

Life happens and it’s not always pretty, unfortunately. And violence happens to a lot of South Africans or we see it on the news.

I have a much bigger concern with the mental stability or lack thereof of most of the characters and the unrealistic depiction of romantic relationships that children (and some adults) believe is normal, than with 3 days of marginal violence on 7de laan.

And you don’t see me complaining to the BCCSA every day. I have a remote control and am not afraid to use it 😉

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