#7delaan Spoiler Chat for June 2015

Altus and Paula fans are going to be getting an entire month devoted to their favourite couple in 7de laan according to spoilers for June 2015!

A few other things are going down as well so let’s chat 7de laan.

Altus and Paula

Paula has a new admirer, Yannis. See who he is here. But Altus steps up and makes his feelings known to Paula. His ex wife is still not ready to forgive and forget his affair though.

And Yannis is very interested in a future and declares his love for Paula. Vanessa finds out a big secret regarding Yannis and spills the beans.

On June 23 we find out that Altus is fighting for his life! And continues to have health issues.

Yannis had asked Paula to move in with him and when he brought the keys to the new home, she got cold feet. Realising she still has feelings for Altus she goes to his office  to declare her that he is still the one for her and finds him on the floor of Bruynwaves. Yes, fellow 7de laan viewers if you really thought that ‘heartfelt’ speech about moving on was the final nail in the Paula/Altus love affair, you are wrong! So, so wrong!

Altus goes into a coma and when he wakes up he finds Paula at his side.  He has memory loss, but not so much that he doesn’t  remember that Paula once again kicked him to the curb. He thinks she’s there because she feels sorry for him. Now he wants nothing to do with her.

When he is released from hospital he wants Diederik to take him home, but Paula insists and takes charge of her ex-husbands care.  Altus is still angry about the things Paula said at their last showdown.

June ends with Paula swearing to take care of Altus.

Yannis meanwhile realises that he can’t stand in the way of true love and moves on without much ado.

The Croukamps
For those who can’t get enough of the Croukamp family…wait there’s more! The other stepson, Louis (played by Leslie van Wyk) makes an appearance at the relaunch of the revamped T&T on 10 June.


He is the good son – educated and well behaved and is made manager of T&T while Willem remains the shop assistant. Hey wait! Is this a redo of the Terblanche family?

Because Willem seems to be the new Tiaan in the piece. But Tiaan never had to try so hard. Willem is as smooth as crunchy peanut butter. And looks and charm wise he is a few hundred steps behind Tiaan.

Willem keeps trying with the ladies in Hillside and beyond as he hits the internet for his next victim…uhmmm date.

Sonja and friends
Sonja is still trying to find a balance in a life – what with being a varsity student, waitress and newish mother. And she wants it all. She discovers she can’t afford Nadine and has to find a new baby sitter.

The new babysitter is showing signs of being a bit off one evening when Kim visits.

There is some spoiler about potential boy trouble between Nadia and Sonja again, but I’m pretty sure Sonja would never fall for Dewald. Ever! Bertus is a whole ‘nother story.

Marko and Anna

Marko and Anna (still!) involve themselves in Nina’s life. They try to help her after Nina says she was raped and Anna writes a story for the Hillside Times. Nina has run away from school and her form master is looking for her.

Anna publishes Nina’s story and gets Mr Prince, the school dorm master on her case. And Xander saves Anna from an attack by the man.

I would like to say I care, but I don’t.

Gita and Ty
These two are scheming again. Ty comes up with another master plan and Gita thinks her financial troubles are over and starts spending it. You know things are not going to run smoothly.

Bernard finds out from a friend that dog food has secretly entered Gauteng. He investigates and starts writing a story.

Ty accidentally hear Bernard and Neville discussing the story and so Gita and Ty realise the dog food scheme is over.

Gita tells Ty to get rid of the dog food. But the story is still being written, so Ty breaks into Bernard’s computer one night and adds inaccurate information that gets published.

Neville is furious and is ready to fire Bernard.

I must say, I missed these two! They are the very best thing about 7de laan.

Plus when the two are together you know things are going to get interesting.

The rest…

Ntabi returns! Sorry, I just stifled a yawn. June 26 is the big day.

Louis notices Petro!

Read the day to day spoilers here at TVSA.

Additional spoilers from TV Plus 24 June 2015.


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