Ding, Dong! Gita is back in #7delaan

My heart sank when Vince walked into the Deli on Thursday night’s episode of 7de laan. I haven’t been watching for weeks and then this!

Just as I was going for the remote he received a phone call. From Gita!


Gita was calling from an airport in Argentina and wanted to know if anyone had seen her nephew, Ty. No one had seen him in days.

But just seeing the wicked witch of Hillside was a sight for sore eyes. Ty seemed incomplete without his aunty – making bad deals and just acting very creepy. He needs his aunty Gita to put his schemes into action. And Hillside was as dull as dishwater! So much so, I tuned out.

But it couldn’t be helped because Jo Da Silva who plays Gita was very ill. Read more here.

Before the end of the episode Gita arrived in Hillside, looking like a million bucks. And still searcing for Ty.

Being in Argentina was just what the doctor ordered, it seems.


Welcome back Gita and Jo da Silva. Let the games…uhhhh….scheming begin!

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