Isidingo Spoilers chat for June 2015

If you are into coups, kidnapping and stuff, then Isidingo is the soapie to watch in June 2015. Because that’s what spoilers indicate.

Let’s get started! This is a quick one.

The month starts with Priya saying goodbye to Rajesh and Horizon Deep.

The Sibekos, Xaviers and the coup
Frank is going to do a hard core current affairs programme on ON TV and ruffle some feathers in another African country. A rebel group seem to want air time on SA TV.

Lincoln Sibeko has links to the rebels who kidnap Calvin. Please let them keep Calvin and his bad acting!

Angelique makes an appearance and gets involved with Frank in dealing with the rebels.

These storylines leave me ice cold. If I wanted to see this type of thing I would turn on Al Jazeera. On soapies I expect personal drama not boardroom or political nonsense.

The only positive in this story is no Barker.

Lerato, Skhu and Sechaba
Lerato and Skhu’s fledgling romance comes to an abrupt end right at the start of the month. And Lerato and Sechaba continue where they left off…bickering!

Georgie Zamdela’s daughter arrives on the scene and catches Sechaba’s eye. And the new pastor in town has his eyes set on Lerato.

Skhu’s heart beats faster for someone named Samantha.

Eddie and Yvette
Eddie and Yvette are involved again and after a few misunderstandings and missteps decide to go for couples counselling.

Only, the counsellor has a crush on Eddie.

OMW is Isidingo going back to the boring zone??? I would rather wash dishes than watch Eddie and Yvette do anything.

I got bored just reading the spoilers and typing these few words was pure torture!

Read the full day to day spoilers on TVSA if you can’t fall asleep. This will help 😉

Sorry for the negativity, but after the Priya/ Bradley romance and the teasing with Calvin/Charlie  and Skhu/Lerato the upcoming stories just doesn’t interest me.


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