Last week on Generations Legacy…15/05/2015 #generationslegacy

Of all the current SA soapies, Generations Legacy had the most entertaining/interesting storylines. And no one is paying me to say so 😉

Tshidi is doing everything in her power to keep her husband from straying. After the love potion to amp his want for her caused him to ruthlessly kill a man, she went back for an antidote. Which drove him back into his mistress’ bed!

So Tshidi – with a bit of encouragement and assistance from her mother – fed Kumkani some chemical castration pills with his morning breakfast. Which seemed to do the job, because he couldn’t perform in bed with his mistress, Karishma, that night.

I bet a few women in SA Googled castration pills after that episode!

Mary has far too much time on her hands and is treating her surrogate pregnancy like a disease. If she had other things to do she wouldn’t have time to notice every symptom. Jonathan however, has been a good friend. Visiting her and going to birthing classes with her. He even had a talk to Getty and Nolwazi to try and understand Mary’s condition.

Now Jonathan and Getty are planning a baby shower to cheer Mary up. But no one wants to attend!

Is a baby shower the best way to cheer up a woman who has to give the baby to his/her biological parents at birth? I think not.

Tau is still angry with Kumkani about the murder. And the fact that Gadaffi can now have a hold over him since everyone knows the murder victim was in contact with Tau. So these two are at war.

Mr Mogali is also mentoring Mawzi to be underhanded with his brother Smangu in competing for the CEO position. And giving advice to Mawzi to keep his wife under control. As if Tau can control his own wife.

Speaking of said wife…

Karabo has been encouraging Angela to open up to new experiences and to give Siya a chance. Until she found out that Siya and Jonathan had a bet going. When she told Siya to not hurt Angela, he instead kissed Karabo and confessed his feelings for her.

Karabo to her credit, immediately told Angela about the bet. While hurt, Angela decided revenge is the best medicine.

With her girls’ help she got Siya to attend a bookclub meeting supposedly to discuss Hamlet. Instead they bombarded him with questions about men. And called him one of the girls.

I hope Siya falls for Angela before long.

In the meantime I can’t wait to see how far the girls will go in getting revenge on him.

Namhla is having her 18th birthday and preparations are in full swing. Mary is planning a party with her daughter and wants everything to be perfect.

Plus she wants Cosmo to help plan a surprise – a car as a birthday gift. And not a stolen car, even if Cosmo can get papers like he says he can. OMW! Is it wrong to love this family of criminals?

Of course all this sneaking around planning the surprise would cause excitement in a normal family. But Namhla is worried her family is planning a crime. So she and Kyle – who are again on good terms – follow Mary to a meeting. After paying off a waiter at the restaurant where the meeting is being held, they find out about the birthday present!

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