Lerato and Skhu Kiss on #isidingo

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It’s been weeks and weeks that the two besties Skhumbuzo and Lerato have been having feelings for each other. It took Eskom and loadshedding to move these two forward.

Who knew Eskom would be so handy!

Lerato in particular was concerned that they would betray Sechaba if they got together.

Tonight though, when the lights went out while Skhu was visiting,  the last candle in the house burnt out and the two gave into their feelings and kissed.




The following day Lerato avoided Skhu like the plaque, but she later explained that she needed time to absorb the situation.

She told Charlie about the kiss and said it was a moment she just wants to keep inside. That in the moment it was just him and her – nothing else mattered.

Charlie burst her bubble a bit asking about the next level. Because men don’t only want to kiss. Lerato thought about it and giggled.

Later Skhumbuzo came looking for Lerato at her home. She said it was a good thing they kissed, but that was it. They had to continue being friends.

Skhu said he has enough friends.

Next thing you know Lerato gets up from the couch and kisses Skhu!

This is the first time we’ve seen Skhumbuzo really fall for someone and it makes him seem sweeter and softer. As for Lerato she is also shows a softer giggly side that we haven’t seen before. They are good together.

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