Generations Legacy June 2015 Spoiler Chat

Looks like Mary isn’t the only pregnant fairy in Generations the Legacy! Another of the characters will find herself knocked up during the next few days.

And speaking of Mary…she will find herself moving in with the Morokas!  If Jonathan knows what’s good for him, he will move out!

Meanwhile Namhla will find herself pregnant! And in matric! And the baby daddy is her former school teacher, Mr Sokhulu! Namhla initially – with Kyle as support – decides to have an abortion. She tries a few times, but backs out at the last moment.

Then Kyle goes to Mr Sokhulu and tells him about the baby and he steps up. His family visits Namhla’s family with disastrous effects. He also goes with Namhla to the doctor’s appointment for a scan.

Lucy finds out she’s becoming a grandmother and Mr Sokhulu turns up drunk at the shebeen.

I don’t even know about this story…what with teachers in this country who should know better, having relations with their high school learners. It’s disgraceful regardless who came onto who.

After taking flack for her decision to abort her baby, Namhla goes out and gets into her new car after drinking.  She gets arrested for drunk driving and Lucy has to bail her out the following day – 24 June.

On 26 June she starts an internship at Ezweni.

Also Tshidi gets arrested! And is lead out of Hashtag in handcuffs.

And Karabo refuses to let the Abe situation go. Gadaffi has another secret to share.

Tau however is sick and tired of Gadaffi playing games with him and gets his gangster ways back. He arranges for Gadaffi to be shot while in the middle of a drug deal on Monday 15th. Leaving Kumkani paralyzed. Generations admits that this is a rehash of the Sibusiso situation.

And who is there to take care of him and #hastag World? No one else than his wife Tshidi.

With a bit of encouragement from her mother to take advantage of the situation, and help from Angela who Tshidi manipulates to help at the office when it feels like she is in over her head, Tshidi forges ahead.

Nolwazi finds herself dating Siya’s dad! Remember Nolwazi and Siya had a one weekend stand! Which Siya confesses to his father.

Smanga gets all S&M with Thabi the lingerie model and when he takes it to far she suggests he finds himself a professional.

Spoilers are from 27 May and 5 June 2015 TV Plus magazine.


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