Last week on Generations the Legacy 22/05/2015

Tshidi‘s master plan to keep her man in her bed seems to have worked! After successfully feeding him chemical castration pills for a day making him unable to perform with his mistress, she managed to be there dressed in alluring lingerie once the pills wore off.
Gadaffi was led to believe that he was no longer attracted to his mistress, but to his wife instead.

Meanwhile Tau was still trying to find out where Kumkani took Abe’s body is, what with Karabo questioning him and him having nightmares of the murder. He didn’t want his gangster former best friend to have a hold over him. So he asked Tshidi to help him find out. She recommended he ask Cosmo.

Surprisingly, Cosmo relented – after a little persuasion and some cash – and brought the body to Tau in a barrel.
Tau preceded to pour gasoline on the body and burnt it. But if Tau Mogale watched one episode of Medical Detectives he will know that evidence of the body still remains 😉

As was expected, Mary‘s baby shower was a disaster! She stormed out of the party when it came time to open her presents and all she got was baby clothes. Later she told her friends that giving baby clothes to a surrogate mother was insensitive. So they arranged another anti-baby shower where she received gifts she could use after the baby was born.

Namhla‘s plan to take her mother for a spa treatmet came to a quick halt when she found drugs in the bag she was going to pack for Lucy.
She was so upset she started washing the drugs down the drain. Lucy returned just in time to stop her from throwing more than the 8 bags she already threw down the drain.

Mother and daughter ended the week not speaking to each other. Or rather Namhla gave her mother the silent treatment, disappointed that Lucy was right back doing criminal activities. And afraid that her mother would be sent back to prison.

She decided to look for her father instead and flat out asked Lucy about her father. Lucy said he was worse than the scum of the earth and clammed up. So did Getty.

So Namhla and Kyle set out to find out who her father is.
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