Last week on 7de Laan 29/05/2015

Finally we found out the name of the girl lurking around 7de laan and her relationship to Marko. Turns out she is Nina and she’s Marko’s second cousin. We however don’t know why she is acting so cagey.

It all came to a head when Anna started acted like every other woman in Hillside – crazy. She jumped to the conclusion that the very young looking girl was Marko’s girlfriend and then preceded to behave in a petulant, jealous manner.

Marko in turn acted like every other man in 7de laan. Secretive for no reason. What could it have cost him to say his cousin is visiting instead of acting like he was cheating on his new, but old, girlfriend with a very young woman or worse involved with human trafficking or something criminal.

Paula and Altus are still having their longing looks every time they run into each other. However another handsome man has turned up in Hillside and immediately been mersmerised by Paula’s beauty and whatever else they see in her.

There is nothing more, people. Paula is all about looks and no substance…but no one other than Altus has stayed long enough to see that.

Yannis is the new guy played by the yummy Emmanuel Castis. Such a pity his handsome talents are wasted on the Paula and Altus ‘romance’.

Kim and Willem – the two most common people in 7de laan used the empty T&T to cheat on Diederik. These two have shown no discretion or self respect and used every opportunity to kiss and make out at work.


I woudn’t mind these two carrying on if they didn’t act so stupid all the time. All their giggling and silliness make them look like imbeciles. If they just acted normal and sneaked around like ordinary cheaters it at least wouldn’t be so annoying.

Remember when Kim was chasing after Pieter even when she knew he was with Annelie and then later turned her attentions to Bernard? Also after Danelle died Kim wanted to have some of Danelle’s clothes and showed very little emotion afterwards. She obviously doesn’t have much of a conscience. And Willem is just sleazy from beginning to end.

Dewald was discovered by Matrone and Marko living in Stasie Ses and was offered more shifts to be able to afford a place to stay. And that place is with Sonja in Emma’s old flat. They immediately arranged another party to welcome Dewald.

Nadia – again for no reason – lied to Felicity about the party and said she was instead helping Sonja with a varsity assignment. And Felicity believed that. Of course afterwards Felicity overheard Kim talking about the party in the flat.

I can see why Nadia isn’t worried that her boyfriend is living with her best friend who had an affair with her ex-boyfriend and fell pregnant with his baby. Nothing to worry about here 😉 But then again Dewald is no Bertus. Sonja would be crazy to go for him.
Instead I hope somewhere along the line Sonja and Bernard’s paths cross in the romance department. I think I will put that in my 7 Wishes for 7de laan for 2016 🙂
Gita put pressure on Ty to come up with money since they are now as broke as can be. So Ty was running around the Laan – phone to ear – and paging through newspapers and magazines looking for deals. He has since come up with an idea to buy contaminated dog food it seems. I hope Gita smacks him upside the head for his stupidity.
But what is very weird is Gita not wondering what happened to her money. She seems to have accepted that someone just stole it. No questions asked.
As for the rest…
Oom Oubaas and Hilda held a party to celebrate Moekie’s birthday just when Maria had to go sort out her house in Qua-Qua that got broken into. The way Hilda talks to Maria…I just have no words. In this day and age.
Xander is trying to help Vince run a tighter ship at the Deli. Without it being any of his business. They really need to write Xander his own story. I don’t know when last he had his own story that didn’t involve being a support to other characters. And yet Theo Jantjies keeps getting nominated for best actor in a soapie awards.

Errol and Bernard are off to Durban to cover the Comrades Marathon.  This section was only slightly worse than Isidingo’s attempts of including real news into the show.  The blonde sounded like she was commentating at the Comrades.  It all came across as unnatural. But we do now know the hashtag for 2015Comrades.

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