Diederik catches Kim and Willem on 7de laan

Kim and Willem’s sneaking around at work finally caught up to them when Diederik walked in on the two colleagues kissing in T&T.  



The previous evening at the Bruynwaves relaunch Kim had disappeared and Diederik did not notice.  Which should tell us something about those two.  Vanessa and Sifiso noticed though.

Diederik also caught Kim in a lie.  She said something about having eaten Hilda’s cream puffs when there weren’t any at the function.

When Diederik went to T&T to visit Kim, he caught Willem and Kim kissing.


His first reaction was to hit Willem and a fight ensued.  Diederik is Hillside’s man der manne after all.

Because that fight made no sense whatsoever.  But this is 7de laan.

They did manage to cause major damage to T&T, just in time for a shop make over.


As luck would have it the town gossip, Pulane, just happened to walk in and so was able to spread the news amongst their family and friends.

Later Kim went to Diederik at the Bruynwaves offices.  He told her to leave which was the most satisfying aspect of this silly storyline.



What Kim expected is beyond comprehension.  Did she think she would be able to kiss and make out with her colleague indefinitely?

I didn’t mind this storyline at all, since cheating happens in real life as well as in soapies.  It was just hard watching two really bad actors acting really badly. And Kim and Willem are both unlikeable characters in general.

Kim wasn’t the only one who had to suffer the consequences for cheating.  Herman fired his stepson on the spot since this is apparently a pattern of Willem’s since his Cape Town days.

Again this makes no sense.  All Willem has to do is go to the CCMA and he will be reinstated or receive compensation.  Regardless who the owner of the business is.  But this is 7de laan.

To make matters worse, the following day instead of being sorry for her behaviour, Kim instead was her defiant self.

She took Diederik some cake and when he wouldn’t accept it or her apologies, she left without another word. But then she complained to her friends and said if Diederik didn’t want her, she’s sure the hunk that is Willem would want to be with her.

If I was Kim I wouldn’t count on Willem now that the chase and sneaking around is over. Willem is not the relationship type yet.

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