Last week on 7de laan 05/06/2015

Last week on 7de laan Bruynwaves launched their new made over offices to clients and friends and at the party Kim sneaked out to kiss Willem at T&T. You can read about the whole sordid affair and what happened next here.

Seeing how Kim takes revenge makes me almost like her.  I prefer Kim when she’s not being silly or gossiping.  Like when she was when she started on the show.

Paula agreed to be the subject for Yannis’ new book. And before you knew it he was taking photos of her in his studio.  I must say Emmanuel Castis looked pretty good without his jacket on and with camera in hand!

Altus and Paula were giving each other the ‘look’ every time they ran into each other.  And once again Altus got upset when he saw Paula with another man.  Instead of moving on with his life and remembering why he had the affair with Kristin in the first place (because Paula didn’t give a damn about him), he first got grumpy with his staff. And then he went to Paula’s flat to ask her to give him another chance.

Next thing they were kissing. ARghhhhhh

Sonja’s mother Irma found out her daughter was waitressing at Oppiekoffie when she met Felicity there for a meal.  She got very upset and told Sonja that she had to stop working there.

Afterwards she went to Sonja’s flat and told her that she was proud of her for trying to live her life on her terms.  And that she would like to look after Wian because she and Sonja’s dad misses him. One of my favourite scenes of the week.

I don’t know why Sonja was so stubborn in not wanting any help at all.  She can at least let her mom look after Wian during the day.

No one besides Nina knows what she is doing in Hillside and not at school. But the man who was looking for her before went looking for again, showing her picture to all and sundry.  She saw him asking people outside Oppiekoffie while shopping in Eclectic E and seemed very frightened.

Later the man returned and questioned Pulane in Eclectic E whether she saw the girl in the photo he showed her.  For once Pulane did the right thing and told him no, she had never seen the girl.

Nina refused to leave Marko’s flat saying that she was safer there.  But one evening when Marko returned and struggled to open the door, Nina hid.  That’s when Marko realised that something must have happened to the girl.

For the first time I felt sorry for Nina.  She looked really frightened of that man.

My other favorite part of the week was Ty and Gita! The week before last Try came up with a ‘brilliant’ plan concerning contaminated dog food from overseas. When he told Gita his plan to hire a ship to dump the dog food in the ocean for a price, she came up with her own ‘brilliant’ plan. To repackage the dog food and resell it in other African countries.

The two gleefully congratulated each other on their ‘brilliance’. But we know already their plan is bound to fail. I just love their plotting and planning.


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