Last week on Isidingo 05/06/2015

I’m sorry to say this but Isidingo is going back to the boring days of ON TV when hardly anyone watched the soapie.  It didn’t work then and it sure ain’t working now. Maybe Zakeeyah Patel will breathe some new life into Isidingo. I’m not holding my breath though.  Soapies are about relationships and escapism, not stupid news and actuality programmes when all we see these days is doom and gloom.

Last week I did see a bit of Isidingo – just enough to be able to tell what was going on.

The good

I love Skhumbuzo the way he is now – serious. You can see how hurt he is that Lerato doesn’t want to be with him.  Instead she chose to make herself available again to Sechaba.

Sechaba meanwhile wants to only be friends with her.  He says he is ready to have a family, but with a younger woman. That must hurt, Lerato.

Sechaba wanted to know from Lerato what’s going on with Skhu – why he’s become more serious. She said it’s probably business.

Skhu though doesn’t want Sechaba to know about the kiss between him and Lerato.  At this point I wonder why anyone should care.

Sechaba isn’t interested in Lerato in a romantic way, but he also doesn’t want her to move on with anyone else.  And he says and does what he pleases with other women.

But Lerato is still prepared to wait around for him and deprive herself of possible happiness with someone who wants to make her happy.

I also love any interaction between Katlego and Nikiwe.  Those two play so well off each other even though their storyline is boring.

The boring

Anything to do with ON TV, Frank Xavier, coups in other African countries, anything Barker Haines related and Yvette and Eddie fighting or just breathing.

Apparently Frank Xavier and his producer son Calvin broke a story about a coup in another African country before the 24 hour news networks and one of their reporters got killed.  Frank being the professional that he likes to think he is, broadcast the news of the man’s death before telling his widow. And now Calvin wants to go to the country in question and do the heavens alone knows what.

Barker, upset about getting the short end of the stick in the debate that no one cared about between him, Licoln and later Katlego, sent Frank a bomb of sorts.

Yvette and Eddie were fighting over who the heck knows what.

The disappointing

Priya left on Monday without any fanfare.  This isn’t 7de laan, I know, where people get a party for going on holiday, but still… One minute Priya was there and the next she was gone and no one mentioned her again.

All we got was a tearful goodbye with Rajesh.  Probably intended as a homeage to the Priya/Rajesh relationship and their fans.  But totally disrespectful to the story that was being told in the previous weeks.



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