7de Laan Soapie Chat for July 2015 (updated)

**Please note: most of these spoilers are confirmed, but sometimes I add speculation or interpret the spoilers.  The sources are mentioned at the bottom of the post..**

Altus is impatient that he is not recovering at the speed he would like. When he gets bored, he tries to drive again and gets into a car accident, by driving into a lamppost.  He ends up with a few scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious. On 9 July Paula, after discovering that her ex-husband had been in an accident, realises that she wants to start over with him. Altus is relieved and the two kiss. On 10 July the rest of Hillside discover the reunion when the two walk hand in hand into the Deli.

Altus’ is back in their flat, fully recovered by 21 July and back at work by 29 July.

Charmaine is getting a mystery of her own which starts on 13 July.  Judging by the You Spectacular, voted for by the public, she is the most popular soapie actress in the country! Congrats Vinette Ebrahim.

Charmaine is going to be acting strangely – is she drinking again? A pair of eyes are watching her from the arcade and it seems some weird stuff starts happening which makes Charmaine thinks she’s losing her mind. It’s as if she’s behaving out of character – like insulting Hilda’s food – and forgetting things. Is someone purposely messing with her mind?

Sonja’s new babysitter Anel causes problems. She’s not arriving on time, having boyfriend problems and also giving off a weird vibe to Sonja. Her mom, Irma, eventually helps Sonja out. Thank goodness!

Sonja really should not be taking advice from Nadia about babies!

Nadia meanwhile gets jealous over her boyfriend and bestie’s living arrangements. And lies to her dad about sleeping at Sonja’s. Does Herman know Dewald lives there and should he be worrying about his 18 year old daughter’s love life? Nadia gets spoilt by her brothers.

The Heights is getting a new co-owner! Since Gita is now penny less or supposed to be. My guess is Herman being the new co owner because Herman is apparently coming into a lot of money and becoming a very wealthy man.

Louis meanwhile is going to manage T&T and makes some changes. He launches a new wellness center in T&T.

Willem upsets Herman as usual and comes up with a business plan that Herman is sceptical about. And Sonja tries to hide her feelings for him. Oh no!

Bernard is onto Gita and Ty’s plan with the dog food and doing a story about it. And Ty is once again tired of being Gita’s lackey. Some things just never change.

Bernard and Sifiso gets a place to share and of course has a housewarming party.

And Ntabi is back! Arghhhhhhhhhh noooooo! And with her comes a decision about whether Dali is the one or not. I hope not! I actually hoped we would never be subjected to his presence ever again.

So 7de laan looks to be about the Croukamp family in July – they are surely being set up as the new Terblanches of Hillside.

Read the day to day spoilers at TVSA here. Additional spoilers from TV Plus issue 8 July 2015.


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