Last Week on 7de laan 12/06/2015

Last week on 7de laan Kim saw two opportunities to take a bit of revenge on Willem. Read how she went about it here.

I haven’t enjoyed watching Kim as much since her first few months in Hillside. Corne Crous  (Kim) was good compared to the last few years when all she had to do was gossip or play silly.  It shows what the actors can do when they have a decent story and if it’s directed properly.

Kim  deserves better than to be made to go around gossiping and causing trouble for people who did nothing to her. And acting like a giggly school girl.  I remember when she arrived in Hillside and was disliked by most people.  She at least had spunk then, which we saw again on Monday and Tuesday.

Herman’s other stepson Louis (Leslie van Wyk) pitched up at the Croukamp mansion and immediately took charge when he needed to.

My first impression is that Louis is played by a new actor who still has to find his feet.  I hope 7de laan take things slower with him than they did with Willem (Markus Haywood). They just shoved him down our throats. Which is unfair to the actors.

Once Louis arrived I immediately became team Willem though.  All of a sudden Willem looked better because there was someone to compare him to. His perfect brother. If we see more facets – other than the womaniser – to Willem, he might just turn out alright.

Surprisingly Kim had chemistry with both Willem and Louis. A first time I thought she had chemistry with anyone, including Diederik.

Paula once again chose to avoid Altus after their kiss the previous week, instead of telling him to leave her alone.  She plays these games with him because it works every time. It keeps Altus in her life, but at the same time she can do what she wants with other men.

It would have been nice if 7de laan had let both of them move on.  Why Altus hasn’t is beyond comprehension because he could easily get someone younger, prettier and more caring. Like Petro. Just saying 😉

Instead she kept avoiding Altus and he got crazier by the day trying to talk to her.  She meanwhile was doing photoshoots with Yannis.


Yannis – Xander told Vanessa who told Altus who confronted Yannis in front of Paula – was accussed of sexually harrassing one of his models.  Yannis said the allegations were false.  For his trouble he got a kiss from Paula.

Who is now in love with him. Paula always falls in love with people who thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers.  Narcisist that she is.

Oh and Altus was showing signs of illness.

Sonja meanwhile took advice from Nadia to not let her mother take care of Wian, but instead get a new babysitter. Nadine is presently occupied with Karmen who is apparently a few hands full. That little girl looks cute when her grandfather is holding her, but when she’s put on the ground she gets a bit violent. And takes it out on Wian.  Must take after her mother 😉

So Sonja spent most of the week searching for a new nanny for her son. Geewhiz Sonja, take the child to your mother every morning – who you know will take good care of him!

Anna nagged and nagged Marko until he told her that Nina was sexually molested by her boarding school headmaster.

Then she nagged and nagged Nina to allow her to write a story about the abuse.  Every time Anna harrassed the poor girl, it upset Nina yet Anna just went on and on and on.

After a six week break from 7de laan, I’m once again enjoying the stories.  No one other than Paula and Altus have gotten on my nerves for a while.  Not even Nina or Anna. Okay maybe Anna too.

Congratulations to 7de laan for winning favourite soapie in the You Spectacular awards – voted for by viewers.

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