Last Week on Generations the Legacy 12/06/2015

Smanga came into his own last week on Generations the Legacy. He went from all business to all pleasure once Thabi got a hold of him. Read more about how Smanga and Thabi played 50 Shades here.

The battle between the non-blood brothers Tau and Kumkani heated up when spoilt brat Angela couldn’t get her way. Angela wanted to make massive changes at Ezweni within two weeks of starting her new job and then called it a boys club when she couldn’t get her daddy to agree. At which company would anyone accept the boss’ daughter coming in and telling them what to do without paying her dues?

Anyway, Angela chose to sleep over at Kumkani and Tshidi’s house after a fight with her father which added fuel to the already smouldering fire. And Tau couldn’t keep his anger in check which allowed Kumkani to bait him a bit.

He offered Angela her job back at #hastag World and after encouragement from stepmother Karabo, she agreed.

Tau had a plan of his own to keep his ‘brother’ occupied with his time.  He planned that a local gangster organise a drug deal with Gadaffi and then have the drugs stolen. Gadaffi would then spend his time trying to find the people involved, keeping him out of Tau’s business.

He emphasised that nothing should be done to hurt Kumkani. He just wants him out of his life, not dead.

It seems like Tau needs to find something to keep his wife occupied too. Karabo is still upset with Tau for lying to her about Abe’s death. And she kept up the cold shoulder treatment for days on end.

But her childhood friend Zola Radebe, who is also Siya’s dad, turned up in Johannesburg and is staying for a while!

Zola turned down Nolwazi after he found out that she she slept with Siya and we found out that his wife died of cancer. As Siya said: it was her time to go. Who on earth speaks like that of their 40 something (I assume) mother?

Siya needs something to do…please Tau! He is becoming annoying. I preferred the playboy Siya to gushing over everyone and everything Siya.

And now his dad is another Mr Perfect!


Karabo invited Siya and his dad to dinner and everyone sat listening to Zola and Karabo reminisce about their childhood escapades.


Tau wasn’t happy and mentioned that they were expecting a baby.  Looks like more trouble is coming to Tau’s door.

Nolwazi, again manless, went out with Mawzi to a club after work. And things got interesting between the two.  Seeing how Nolwazi isn’t at all shy of dating married men, can we expect Mawzi to be the next Moroka spice up their sex lives?



Tshidi took Nolwazi’s idea to create a PR division and presented it to Kumkani as her own.  He told her to get Nolwazi to run the show as Nolwazi had more experience, but Tshidi suggested she get a big client to show that she could do it.

When things didn’t go as planned with getting the client, she tried to get Nolwazi involved. But Nolwazi had none of it.


Frustrated Tshidi spoke to her mother who suggested she get someone else to do the work and then take the credit.

After some thought Tshidi had just the right person in mind. Angela!

She pitched the idea of the PR division to Angela who agreed to be part of it.

Lucy and the rest of the Diale’s were very disappointed about Namhla’s pregnancy and not at all welcoming to the Sokhulus when they met up. What they don’t know is that Nathi Sokhulu, former school teacher and now IT technician, asked their 17 year old daughter to marry him on her 18th birthday. A week away. Read more about the meeting and engagement here.

When Namhla found out that she lost her scholarship and probably would have to write matric next year, she wasn’t as happy as she was a few days before when she was proposed to.


Nahmla found out that she couldn’t really have it all. It was either the baby, marriage and years of studying part time for a degree or no baby and university next year.

A chat with her buddy Kyle gave her more food for thought.


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