Last week on Isidingo 12/06/2015

The best thing that happened on Isidingo last week was seeing Bra Georgie Zamdela again. With Cherel he is my all time favourite Isidingo character.

And his daughter looks like the apple didn’t feel too far from the tree.

She was at first annoyed with Sechaba’s silliness, but then she found out that he did have some business skills and told her dad she needed Sechaba on her team.

Georgie in true Zamdela form broke into Sechaba’s house and waited for him.  He spoke some threatening words to make Sechaba know that he is not to mess with his daughter.

Nina Zamdela looks like she can look after herself though. All she had to do was mention her dad’s name to make Sechaba just a bit scared.

Nina looks like she’s going to be trouble. So far so good as long as she stays away from the boringness that is ON TV or Sibeko Gold boardroom battles.

Speaking of ON TV…

The absurdity continues. Calvin convinced his father to send him to cover the coup in another African country. And Katlego loaned him the Sibeko Gold company jet without the knowledge of Nikiwe and Lincoln.

After a very contrived goodbye from his father and housemate Charlie, he arrived in said country within minutes.  Calvin got in contact with his news team looking as ridiculous as only Calvin Xavier can look with a army helmet on his head.

(I’ve never seen an Al Jazeera, CNN, Etv or even an SABC journalist wearing an army helmet on tv even when fighting was going on in the background. And I watch a bit of news now and then.)

But I guess it was to make the scene look dramatic, if not exactly realistic.

Instead it made it look silly.

At the end of Calvin’s first live broadcast from the war zone, the signal was interrupted due to some or other disturbance.

Meanwhile Lincoln was furious at Katlego for lending the jet to Frank Xavier to taxi Calvin to the coup region. He was afraid that it would open up a can of worms since Lincoln had moved money into the country to secure diamond rights.

He called in his girlfriend, human rights activist and Katlego’s arch-nemesis, Angelique, to help sort out the situation.

Angelique suggested they come clean about the situation and she would be the spokesperson. Of course Katlego felt the opposite.

Lincoln is such a horrible person – the way he treats Katlego is as degrading and abusive as his brother did before him.  Why she puts up with is beyond comprehension. Only a man could write that crap.

Can you even imagine how Cherel de Villiers would have handled an abusive man like Lincoln? She definitely would not have just sat there and taken it time and time again.


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