What I like about 7de Laan these days

I’ve found myself enjoying 7de laan over the last few weeks, with just a few irritations here and there. So I thought about what it is that made me change my mind from a few months ago when I took a 6 week break.

1. Sonja and Wian.  They absolutely light up the screen.  And I will add Nadia here too. They bring a new energy to 7de laan – especially since Nadia’s kidney story.

2. The growing new family.  I wouldn’t have thought the Croukamps would be the new rich family in 7de laan, but now that they are going in that direction I find that I can live with that. Louis and Willem bring with them lots of new storylines – I hope.  Both actors are easy on the eye, although a visit to the dentist would maybe help Willem’s game with the ladies 😉

3. Things seems to have calmed down.  There’s no longer the hectic energy that made it seem the characters were all on drugs. And even the gossip seems to have lessened. It no longer feels claustrophic with people right in each other’s faces all the time. There seems to be separation of stories.

4. There’s a more even spread of stories.  A few months ago it seemed like the Vince and Bonita show.  Although I do miss those two, I’m happy to not see them every day.

5. Gita and Ty. I love those two! They deserve a show of their own. I hope they get some romance soon to keep them out of trouble. Or get them into more trouble, knowing them.

6. Hilda and Matrone scenes are few and far between! Thank goodness. And we haven’t seen a competition between them for a long time.  I could never watch those, since I hate to see people being mean to each other for no reason.

Overall, the feel of the show feels a bit different and I like that.




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