Isidingo Spoiler Chat for July 2015 (updated)

**Please note: most of these spoilers are confirmed, but sometimes I add speculation or interpret the spoilers.  The sources are mentioned at the bottom of the post..**

Isidingo is having it’s 17th birthday during July 2015 and there’s some hectic drama going down in the Deep and a new Pastor making his presence known.

Pastor Gabriel (Aubrey Poo) is going to be busy, trying to recruit Sizwe into the church, trying to romance the ladies –  Nina in particular – and counselling the drug user Duma. All while encouraging Zukiswa’s devotion to her religion and the church

The drug nyoape arrives in Horizon Deep and Duma becomes addicted.  His friends – Sizwe, Zukiswa and Sechaba tries to help him but he steals from them.  By mid month though he seems to have turned a new leaf with the pastor’s help.

Sizwe who isn’t all that impressed with Nina Zamdela’s sudden interest in the church, has his suspicious confirmed when he eavesdrop on a conversation.

Skhu has a new girl in his sights. Samantha (Zakeeya Patel), the new presenter at ON TV who gets flirty with him.  Wait until Lerato finds out she has more competition!  The big question though is will this new Isidingo ever let anyone get together with anyone else again.  All they do is tease.  Very unlike the Isidingo I know and like from the past. Isidingo was always been too good for the old soapie gimmicks.

Rajesh and Brad has a feud of sorts going on with regards to the running of the Duncan…don’t even ask!

The big story is Lincoln finding out that Frank is going to air his secrets on Hardline. And there is only way to stop Frank – take him out completely.  Frank is visited by an assassin, leaving his life in balance.

And Frank isn’t the only one the assassin wants to stop!

Lincoln’s secrets though are exposed and he gets a visit from the law, Eddie Holmes. Lincoln almost wants to admit that he is the one who shot his former comrade in arms, Frank. He – with some encouragement from Katlego – that Angelique is the one who leaked the deposition to Frank.

In the meantime Angelique gets more information about Calvin’s whereabouts and he is brought home with the help of the Sibekos and Angelique around 16/17 July.

Samantha takes up the mission to investigate Calvin’s kidnapping and Frank’s shooting and gets herself into trouble. ***rolling eyes***

Soon afterwards he has to make a decision about whether to have Frank removed from life support. Dr Beth encourages him to make a decision soon so his father’s organs can be donated. O 31 July Calvin says goodbye to his father.

Frank is probably my least favourite Isidingo character of all time, but that was still sad to type.

Read day to day spoilers here.  Additional spoilers from TV Plus 24 June 2015 and 8 July 2015.


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