Last week on 7de laan 19/6/2015

Read teasers about what happens to Altus and Paula next here.

Last week on 7de laan Paula gave Altus another speech about moving on. If you didn’t already know this couple’s recent history you might have shed a tear with them. Believing that the two were forever over. But not even a day or three later, without much sign that she had changed her mind, Paula rushed over to Altus’ office. Only to find him collapsed on the floor.
Earlier in the week Yannis had told Paula that he would leave everything – even his international career – to settle down with her. And he doesn’t even know her. All he did was take photos of her.
Before you could even say Paula van de Lecq de Bruyn, Yannis pitched up at the opening of the new club with a key to a new home. Altus saw Paula looking all glamourous on the red carpet, kissing and staring into Yannis’ eyes, and rushed out.

We saw no outward sign of Paula’s inner conflict about still wanting to be with Altus. How could we? Seeing how she was making out with Yannis in public. But we did see Altus collapse at his desk.

The Bruynwaves team were busy all week getting ready for the club’s launch all while enduring Altus’ moodiness. What no one else in Hillside saw, was that Altus wasn’t only upset because of Paula’s new man, he was experiencing serious health issues.

Willem got a bit of a taste of his own medicine when he started chatting with a girl online. He was made to believe the girl was a model and excitedly prepared for their first date with help from Bonita and Pulane. It was nice seeing him interact with other people in a normal way. And despite his rough start in the Laan, I’m starting to like Willem. He definitely has a tiny bit of charm somewhere inbetween the arrogance.

But back to the date…

You could see a mile away this date was going to be disastrous – seeing half of the laan arrived to see this almost super model. But when Karolina arrived at Stasie Ses she looked exactly like Susan from Days of our Lives!

Willem was horrified! Much to the amusement of his family and friends.

Turns out Kim had a huge hand in arranging the date. And the girl was a friend of hers who wore padding and make up to fool Willem. Fortunately for him (but maybe not for us) Willem saw Kim and the girl together without her disguise. Will he want to get back at Kim now?? Let it go, Willem!

Nina agreed to have Anna do a story of the sexual assault on her by her housemaster although Marko wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. Nina however decided to take her power back after the house master attacked her in an empty T&T and threatened her to be silent about the attack.

Anna arranged an interview with the man and Mr Prince first lied, telling Anna how Nina was the one who came onto him. When he pushed her away she took revenge by making up a story of the assault. He told Anna that it was all lies and left.

Not long after he turned back and gave his game away when he mentioned Nina’s name. Although Anna hadn’t said who the girl was who made the allegations. Mr Prince got threatening! That man looks scary just to look at on my tv screen!

Louis was slowly making his way around 7de laan. He went for a few interviews at big corporations but since he wasn’t decided yet on where to work, Herman asked him to manage T&T for three months . Louis has already come u with a few ideas. He was also let loose in Eclectic E (where men’s fashion is now available) to shop for clothes for the opening of the new club.  We also saw him and his brother trading a few verbal jabs at each other. Looks like Willem is jealous of his younger brother’s success.

Sonja got herself a new nanny for Wian called Anel. And Sonja already asked Anel to babysit one evening so that she could go party with her friends. As well as having the girl do her regular babysitting duties during the day.

Bernard was onto a story about dog food entering the country’s borders during the middle of the night. His contact thought the whole thing sounded dodgy and Bernard saw a story for the Times in the making.

Gita was already celebrating their pay day from the proceeds of the sale of the contaminated dog food not knowing that someone was already on her and Ty’s tails.

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