Last week on Isidingo 19/6/2015

Nina Zamdela met Lerato for the first time.  Lerato was surprised to see Nina who arrived for a treatment at the salon.  She also ordered some expensive beauty products.  Yet Lerato viewed her with suspicion – probably because she sees her as competition for Sechaba’s affections.

From what we saw of Nina, she is all business although it also seems like she has Sechaba wrapped around her little finger.  At first she encouraged Sechaba to work for her and help her build the new Zamdela mall. Anything that has Zamdela in it’s name is fine in my book 😉

Later, after seeing how much Nikiwe respects Sechaba’ opinion, she thought it would be better that he stays at Sibeko Gold and get inside information.  We’ll have to wait and see if Nikiwe will take back Sechaba’s resignation.

Calvin has been taken hostage by the rebels in the other African country he went to report from.  This whole story is not only a total bore in my book, but also very badly acted.  Some major scenery chewing from Frank Xavier and more of the usual from Calvin. If there was a tiny glimmer in the darkness of this story then it’s the part when Katlego got a dig in at Lincoln.  She told him she was concerned about Calvin because of her past with him and Lincoln had to just deal with it.

We met Samantha (Zakeeya Patel) when she turned up for the first day on her job as co-host of Hardline. Frank had no idea who she was and what she was doing there as Benjamin le Roux hadn’t informed him.  Samantha was immediately thrown into the middle of this mess of a storyline.  And didn’t wait around to make an input into how the story should unfold – opposite to what Angelique the hostage negotiator, girlfriend to Lincoln Sibeko and human rights activist had in mind.

Eddie and Yvette or rather Eddie decided that a life coach who once helped the police department with personal development would be the right person to get their relationship on track. And that’s how we met Dori.  She came up with all kinds of ridiculous things for them to do, like Yvette singing about her emotions to the tune of the birthday song and other strange things. Which I’ll admit we sometimes had to do during personal development training when I worked at various NGOs 🙂

But Dori has an agenda of her own.  She has a little crush on Eddie. I have to say I laughed out loud a few times during these scenes.  Dori and Eddie are funny.


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