Last Week on 7de laan 26/06/2015

Last week 7de laan got a new opening sequence and logo! You would have thought the world as we know it was coming to an end with the tweets and calls to radio stations. And maybe it is so.

In case you haven’t seen the new 7de laan opening, here it is


I like it. Especially the graphics and images. It took a bit of getting used to the new theme music. Me and the dogs and baby viewers of 7de laan, apparently. Although I used to just mute the old opening most of the time. So our whole complex didn’t become aware of what goes on around here at 6.30pm 😉 I can definitely live with this new opening.

The second thing that impressed me last week on 7de laan was Diaan Lawrenson’s performance! She took Paula to a whole other level. At last Paula behaved like a grown woman – someone who has lived a bit. Someone who suffered loss and was afraid she would again.


Without even using too many words.

Paula found Altus on the floor at Bruynwaves and called the paramedics. They took Altus to the clinic where he seemed to be at death’s door a few times.


Vanessa, Xander and Aggie were there to support her and even Maria chipped in.


Yannis looked for Paula and eventually found her when she returned to the flat. Paula told him that although she was attracted to him, it wasn’t going to happen between them. She realised she wanted to be with Altus and went to Bruynwaves to tell him when she found him on the floor.


Altus eventually woke from his coma and found Paula sitting at his bedside. But he wasn’t in the mood for visitors.


Anna was pursuaded by Mr Prince that perhaps Nina wasn’t telling the truth about the sexual assault and decided against writing the story. But then Nina convinced her that even though she was a wild child, it didn’t mean that the assault didn’t happen.

Then Anna was back to writing the story. Uhmmm whatever, Anna! Although to be fair, if we hadn’t seen Mr Prince threatening Nina in T&T it would’ve been hard to know who to believe.

Louis is settling nicely into Hillside and even made changes to T&T’s computer system which Kim at first didn’t like. He also met Petro and seemed quite interested in her.


It looked like both were blushing in that scene. So far Petro pretty much has chemistry with everyone.

Willem wasn’t finding things as easy, mind you. He went looking for senior position jobs, without having any qualifications or experience. Herman was on his case all week and then did the one thing parents should never do…he compared Willem to Louis.

Felicity called him out on it though.

We’ve been seeing a few vulnerable moments from Willem especially when he told Herman that he wasn’t there for him. We’ve been seeing Herman in 7de laan for at least around 7 years, so that would mean he wasn’t there for Willem and Louis through most of their teen years. And maybe, just maybe Willem needed a dad.

By the looks of it Willem got a job by the end of the week.

Sonja left Wian more and more with Anel, the new nanny. When Sonja is around it looks Anel is good with the baby, but when she isn’t there Anel puts her earplugs in so she can’t hear him crying.


Bring back Nadine and Karmen!

Meanwhile Sonja thinks she’s got everything under control.

Speaking of under control…Gita and Ty’s dog food fiasco is far from under control. Bernard has information and he thought the best place discuss this information was at OppieKoffie.

Guess who was in OppieKoffie right at the next table?


Yes, Ty. And he heard everything!

He informed Gita who told him to find out what information Bernard has.


So he went right into the Hillside Times office that night and found the file in Bernard’s draw!


Meanwhile Ty and Gita – meaning just Ty – ran around covering their tracks.

Oh and Ntabi is back and that damn Kim already spoke the name I hoped never to hear again…Dali.


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