Tau and Gadaffi – Brothers at war on Generations the Legacy?

I don’t even know what Gadaffi (Vuyo Dabula) is going to do now that he found out that his brother in law, Tau (Rapulana Seiphemo), is responsible for him being in a wheelchair! I fear for poor Tau’s life! Gaddaffi isn’t known for taking things calmly – he acts first and then acts again – no thinking before or afterwards.

Poor Tshidi (and I seldom feel bad for this conniving woman) had to deal with her husband feeling sorry for himself. He’s been impatient, grumpy and rude to everyone, including his doctor and health care assistant. Not to mention Cosmo (Ronnie Nyakale) and Tshidi (Letoya Makhene).

Tau even tried getting help for him through a physiotherapist. But Gadaffi felt that the only way forward for him was to get revenge on the person responsible for his paralysis.


And Cosmo was just the person to help him. He found the man known as The Judge who Gadaffi also knew was part of their childhood gang…as part of Tau’s crew.


Cosmo went to the man’s appartment, kidnapped him and questioned him about the man with the spider tattoo. But the guy wouldn’t talk. After being tortured, the man told Cosmo that he needed medication for a heart condition, but Cosmo kept pushing him. Until he died.


Gadaffi and Cosmo were now in a bind. They lost their link to the man with the tattoo. However they came up with a plan to send a message to everyone in the man’s cellphone contact list. Before long they got a reply.


And who would pitch up at the assigned meeting place, but Tau!




Gadaffi was shocked, but he told Cosmo to not let Tau now that he – Gadaffi – was viewing the the set up via video.


Tau told Cosmo that the shooting was an accident and offered Cosmo triple the amount Gadaffi was paying him to keep quiet. Gadaffi told him to accept.


But later told Cosmo that he would take revenge on Tau by taking his life.



Where Gadaffi is concerned that could mean almost anything. From taking everything – his livelihood, wife, daughter – to actually killing him. I wouldn’t want to be in Tau’s shoes. I’m sure none of us would want to be. Gadaffi is a pure psychopath.

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